Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the hoody.

Whether tied around your waist, stuffed in your backpack or a zipped up/hood up hermitage, the hoodie is a tried and true friend—a loyal layer. Easily one of the most versatile clothing options for fall, hoodies are lightweight, but warm, colorful, but neutral and totally androgynous so dudes—you can defff steal your girlfriend’s no prob. And with the temps cooling down, it’s time to start thinking about ways to stay cozy. We put together a photo journal with some of our favorite sweatshirts in one of our favorite LA places—Echo Park. And don’t be fooled by the palm trees, it gets “cold” here too (lol).

Photos by Michael Delaney

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Resting Sad Girl Face Hoody

by Ambivalently Yours


Fractions Hoody

by Seamless


The Decapitation Hoodie

by John Malta


No Cool Dudes Hoodie

by Andy Warhola


Portfolios Hoodie

by Special Edition Co.


Castaway Hoodie

by Mata Harry


Arrangement in Skintones 57 Hoodie

by Chad Wys


Secretly Hoodie

by Ursulantonia


Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content