Can you have FOMO for someone else’s life? Artist, weaver, and plant-goddess Emily Katz is next up in our Creative Mornings¬†series and will give you some serious vibe-envy. Not only is her space the stuff of dreams, but her creative and adventure-filled Pacific Northwest life will inspire you to spruce up your outlook.

Do you consider yourself a morning or a night person?

Night. No question. Though I have been waking up earlier lately since I am so busy! There is a beauty to mornings that’s unlike any other time of day, the light is so special. So when I do get up early, I appreciate it even if I am sleepy.

Do you have any morning rituals? If so, what are they?

Wake up, snooze, cuddle the animals and my sweetheart, fall back asleep, snooze (repeat for an hour). Actually wake up, quickly get dressed and run out the door. That is the honest answer! But lately I have been trying to also include time to have tea, and stretch (though it’s a challenge when work responsibilities are calling loudly!).

Describe your dream morning.

Slowly wake up, have the dog jump under the covers, the radio is softly playing classical music, and my honey brings me pancakes with blueberries and a matcha latte. Then I would stretch, and take a bath and listen to NPR. OR; I love getting out of bed for a friend breakfast date. It is usually the only way I will get out of bed before 8, unless I have a flight to catch!

Portland feels like it runs on brunch. Where’s your favorite brunch spot in rose city?

I love Sweedeedee, with it’s cute style and record player. They have the best pie, and sometimes if there is a line, I will order pie as an appetizer before my breakfast plate arrives. P’s and Q’s is a local spot that I also love, it is a little grocery with the best sandwiches in town. The atmosphere is really adorable!

What particular things do you do to combat the doldrums that come with the forever-rain of the Pacific Northwest?

Drive with the top down in my vintage MG convertible in the summer time. To me, the “doldrums” can be fixed by your outlook on life. I also travel a ton, so I try to plan a macrame tour somewhere sunny in the winter. But for me, gray weather makes for great creative moments.

List three favorite things (besides sleeping) that you love to do in bed.

Listening to my partner Adam read out loud to me, watching movies, being brought breakfast in bed.

What time of the day do you feel most creative?

After dinner. But it also totally depends on what I am working on. These days, I am running 3 businesses, and so I have to make time to get my creative juices flowing. Often it isn’t about a time of day as much as strategizing about how to make enough time to design new things and feel present and productive.

Photos by Emily Katz

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