There are only so many times you can stomach the sickening sound of your phone smashing on the pavement before you’re forced to re-evaluate your iPhone case options.

Whether you can handle just a slim barrier between your communication device and the outside world or your lifestyle requires a tougher case option, we have you covered. Now, all you have to choose is a design. Fall in love with some of our favorites below.  

1. Embrace Your Inner Minimalist

Keep things nice and simple with Minimal Curves, the design that will turn heads without drawing attention away from your other sartorial choices. It’s bound to enhance every outfit (for optimal mirror selfies) and, let’s face it, everyone loves an optical illusion.

2. Revive the Renaissance

The Birth of Venus is easily one of the most-revered images of all time, so why not give a Renaissance-inspired design a try to protect your phone? With the recent re-embrace of pastels (read: millennial pink and gen Z yellow), Artemis will never be more on trend.

3. Stand Out From the Crowd with Satire

iPhones are now so ubiquitous that your choice in your phone case becomes a key method of communicating your sense of humor and interests. For those that are always “keeping up” with pop — and meme — culture, this case, featuring a space cat on a keyboard, might be just the thing to secure a chuckle from a friend you haven’t yet met.

4. Cross Cultures

This ramen-inspired phone case, illustrated in a style reminiscent of your favorite anime, is a perfect fit for fans of Japanese fare or ramen in general (we can’t blame them). Either way, they can finally wear their love on their sleeve.

5. Collages Are Key

There’s a reason your Instagram feed is overwhelmed with digital collages: the juxtaposition of two different types of images is fun, quirky and always aesthetically-pleasing. Live out your outer-space fantasies with Frank Moth’s Love design featuring a 1950s’ couple affectionately looking down on Earth.

6. Give the Tropics a Try

Yes, winter is upon us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find other ways to turn up the heat. Welcome warmer days with this Banana Leaves case — the cool green hues traverse seasons and looks, making it a highly versatile addition to your accessories collection.

7. Don’t Shy Away From Drama

Whether you live for attention, or would rather die than cause a stir, this case wants you to champion your theatrical side. Marble has emerged as maybe the most enduring trend of this millennium and can add a touch of refinement whether you’re in fur and pearls or sweats and sneakers. The melting blues also make this case the perfect accompaniment to your bathroom selfie.   

8. Enter Your Blue Period

No nude can hold a candle to Blue Nude II created by Henri Matisse and a pair of scissors, but if you’re looking to elevate your own intimate pictures with a case design reminiscent of the famous piece, this is the ideal investment. Cut-out and collage-inspired and utilizing that Matisse-esque cerulean blue, Shape Study #14 is simple, effective and will add a touch of sophistication to any environment.

Written by Beatrice Hazlehurst

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