When you’re decorating your dorm, you definitely want to make a statement.

How do you want to be seen? Are you the bohemian type—filling your space with colors, patterns and complimenting crystals OR are you into southwest style, with a room full of cacti, geometric prints and plenty of pastels? Whoever you are, designing your dorm to perfectly reflect you is just another way to make your mark on campus. Check out these two totally opposite looks and figure out, when it comes to your room—who do you want to be?



If you spend your weekends record hunting, your days wearing headphones and your celeb crushes are from a different era (come on, not even Harry Styles can top a young Robert Plant!) your style is all rock & roll all the time. Pick decor that plays off the slick jet back of vinyl and accent with pops of bright color to keep things bold and retro. And while some obvious nods to your favorite album covers are def recommended, we also love the abstract approach of these stacked records throw pillows. Once you’ve decked out your space audiophile-style, don’t forget to leave plenty of room for your record player. Oh, and always take advantage of roommate-less weekends to blast the Rolling Stones while practicing your best Mick Jagger impression.

Geodesic Throw Pillow

by Terry Fan


Shattered Black / 2 Rug

by Elisabeth Fredriksson


All Of Our Yesterdays Throw Pillow

by Cassia Beck


Vinyl Throw Pillow

by Bomobob


1983 Throw Pillow

by Frank Moth


Vintage Vinyl Rectangular Pillow

by Laura Ruth


Fat Stack Framed Print



Good Vibes Throw Blanket

by Anthony Troester


If you’ve got a green thumb and a heart of gold, florals are undeniably your fave. Soft and pretty, but always packing a punch—floral patterns are an instant pick-me-up. Green is the new black and decorating with plants has never been more popular. But even if your tiny dorm window doesn’t quite let in enough light to keep things alive, you can still fill your space with our favorite faux-foliage—plant patterns. It’s easy to find designs that feature sweet-looking succulents or bold bouquets and regardless of your style, your bright spirit will be bringing fresh new life to your space all year long.

Cactus Throw Pillow

by Alexandra Str


Summer Garden III Rectangular Pillow

by Burcu Korkmazyurek


Stamped Cactus Art Print

by Wesley Bird


The Color Of Life Throw Blanket

by Blikk


Tropical Garden Floor Pillow

by Burcu Korkmazyurek


The Unexpected Art Print

by Frank Moth


Summer Garden III Comforter

by Burcu Korkmazyurek


Tropical Throw Pillow

by Burcu Korkmazyurek


Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content