Whether you’re getting ready to head to work, go out or hop in bed, your bathroom should feel like your own little sanctuary.

Creating that relaxing bathroom ambiance has just as much to do with your argan oil shampoo and eucalyptus diffuser as it does with your décor. Here are 5 insanely easy bathroom upgrades that can take you from “ahh nah” to “ahhhhh, spa.”

1. Bath Mat or Bust

Upgrade an existing bath mat or add a complementary one at your sink.  One or two bath mats can instantly up your bathroom game with a splash of color, a geometric pattern or a fun graphic. Use them as foundation pieces to build your new bathroom look around. Maybe you’ll add a touch of humor or go for a more of an adult(-ish) motif. Bath mats are a simple upgrade that can do wonders for your space.

2. Towels: Basically Usable Art

Up your bathroom game with soft, luxurious towels that match your new color scheme. Mix and match or go for a cohesive look. Your towels are probably hung visibly in your bathroom anyways so why not enjoy them as the pieces of usable art that they are? As a functional accent, towels can do wonders for the vibe of your bathroom, from the plush comfort of wrapping up in one to hanging them on display. Towels can make or break your bathroom experience.

3. Organize Yourself!

Don’t leave your makeup littered across your sink and your crinkled toothpaste tube in the trail. Utilize all your space. Use drawer dividers to make finding (and putting away) your makeup easy, or add some open shelving above your toilet for those miscellaneous items. If you have enough room, try to leave the space around your sink clean with just a decorative soap dispenser. If you’re like the majority of us (who need every inch of bathroom space), try to keep your next-to-sink accouterment down to just the every-day necessities. By getting and staying organized (as opposed to torando-ed), you’ll be able to focus on your eucalyptus scents and not your lipstick tubes.

4. Deck the Walls

Bathroom walls always seem to be forgotten. Hang some art to match your new color palette or choose a just-because piece. If you want to take the color explosion one step further, think about experimenting with some removable wallpaper. Cover your under-sink cabinet doors or do a whole wall. Choose a removable wallpaper with retro roots or a quirky modern design. Make it look like the wall’s covered with Spanish tiles or reclaimed wood. Plus, because the wallpaper’s removable, you can switch up the look whenever you feel like it!

5. Give It Some Green

Find an indoor plant that can thrive next to your sink, hanging from the corner or resting on top of your toilet. With air-purifying and fragrant indoor plant options, you can bring that luxury, resort feel to your bathroom. If you just don’t have the lighting for it, or are absolutely awful at responsibility, use fresh-cut flowers to give your bathroom that freshened up, spa feel – a little bit of greenery goes a long way.

Written by Melia Grasska


by Wesley Bird


Talavera Mexican Bath Mat

by Cat Coquillette


Terrazzo Turquoise Pattern Shower Curtain

by Sylvain Combe


Cactus Framed Art Print

by J3 Productions


Modern Geometric Bath Towel

by The Old Art Studio


Watercolor Floral Bath Towel

by Daria Rosen


Relax Framed Art Print

by Picomodi


Moorish Tiles Wall Clock

by MarioGuti


Jessica McQueen