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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Sivan Karim, I’m a freelance illustrator. I use Chinese ink or ballpoint ink to create black and white drawings.

Current city: I live in Berlin, Germany—a great city when it comes to art.

Clients: I worked with different magazines Picame, Juxtapoz, Beautiful Bizarre, Nakid, Infringe, Hair’s How. Also, I worked with some authors for their poetry books and did logos as well.

How did you make these? I mostly do little sketches first and once I’m happy with it, I start with the actual drawing. For the outlines, I’m using a pencil—just to avoid mistakes—and then ink. After finishing the drawing, I scan and use Photoshop to balance the black-and-white contrast. That’s basically it.

Why did you make these? I’ve always loved art. It’s a beautiful way to tell a story, to share your ideas, and to visualize your opinions and thoughts. Every drawing tells a story in a simple way; however, through composition and black-and-white balance, I try to make it look powerful. I can’t imagine life without art. It’s such a healing medium.

What do people typically say about your work? Many people can relate to my drawings, which is a big compliment. It makes me happy to read all these kind messages and interpretations of my illustrations. I typically get messages like, “She looks like me!” (Especially the girl surrounded by wolves). Some even thank me for creating these drawings, which is very overwhelming. My supporters are very sweet and I can’t thank them enough. As an artist, being able to draw what I like and people out there buying it or getting it tattooed is just amazing!

Social: @sivan.ka (on Instagram)



"Wolf Pack"

"Lonely Is The Night"

"I Am Nature"

"The Blindness"

"The Wind"


"The Entrance To My Garden"

"The Cut"


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