Ever sit down to sift through those emails or start that assignment only to realize, hours later when you’re facing that “Are you still watching?,” that you’ve gotten literally nothing done?

Yeah, us too. So, if you’re in need of a real get-it-together moment or just want to give your workspace a much-needed decor boost, DIY blogger Alexi Politis Perry of Seeking Alexi is here (again!) to help. Here, she gives us 5 tips for creating a chic, motivating work space to get things done.

Whether you’re starting a new school year, or you just feel like sprucing up your office space, I’m here to give you ALL the tips to stay as motivated as possible within your work space.

For my work space, I’m proud to say that this is the very first completed room of my house flip in Seattle! In just a few weeks, my gross 70s home with yucky popcorn ceilings has changed a lot, and this room is currently the most dramatic improvementSo with my newly completed office, I’ve spruced it up with 5 essential tips to help you keep your work space as motivating as possible. Let’s jump in!

1. Surround Yourself With Positive Messages

First, I strategically placed artwork and motivating quotes all over my office. And honestly, I’m a huge sucker for a quote that gives me a strong kick in the pants. “Work hard & be nice to people” is a classic. This mug is cheeky and stubborn in the best way, so I’ll be motivated every time I drink! And positive art? Of course! I love these 3D donut bookends and gorgeous positive art prints. (I hung this, this, and this from inexpensive copper hangers.)

2. Set the Mood with Candles & Lighting

Nothing will make your workspace feel more cozy than lighting up—I’m talking about candles! And this candle is the most incredibly delicious scent I’ve ever owned, and you can place it on top of a Society6 coaster! Not only can candles change the mood, but so can lighting, like this custom-made black mid-century ceiling light or a simple, black desk lamp. And, how cool is this mini neon sign I snagged?

3. Make Space to Write

Armed with a leather-like desk pad and a beautiful 3-pack of notebooks, you will be ready to write the most beautiful notes or thank you cards! Keep your desk as clutter-free as you can with some desk organizers, so at a moment’s notice, you can spread a calendar across your desk, or write several love notes to your crush.

4. Be Prepared for ANY Temperature

There’s nothing worse when you’re trying to concentrate but the temperature is distracting you! Keep a cozy blanket nearby & a fan, like this beautiful copper fan —I’m obsessed. Then you can keep working no matter what! (I love preemptively getting rid of all potential excuses!)

5. Prep for the Road

Last but not least, prep to stay motivated even when you’re not in the office! Use a trusty, motivating laptop sticker, for starters. Next, keep pops of color with an iPhone case & an adorable pouch (which doubles as your pencil case or carry your mouse! Lastly, grab a laptop sleeve that is ultra-padded and doubles as your extra motivation to keep you working hard all day long.

Feeling more motivated? I hope so! The crazy thing, is that even when you feel like you’ve used up all your motivation, it can always be reproduced! So in my experience, creating a motivating space is key to a motivated life. Good luck!


Yeah / 2 Framed Art Print

by subliming


Study I Notebook

by Madeline Martinez


Underestimate me. Coffee Mug

by Hello Big Idea


hamsa Carry-All Pouch

by namaki


bedtime Art Print

by steph_angeles


Women's March Art Print

by Abbey Lossing


Self Love Club Art Print


by Madeline Martinez


Work Hard & Be Nice Framed Art Print

by Mandy


Spain Pool Clear iPhone Case

by Helo Birdie


Dream Big. Work Hard. Laptop Sleeve

by The Creative Alter Ego


collage studies 18-01 Throw Pillow

by Iris Lehnhardt


Shape study #14 Wall Hanging

by mpgmb


Jessica McQueen