Each month we’re asking one music-loving artist to create a custom playlist of their favorite songs. This month, Jee Won Park aka zeewipark shared a playlist of the tracks she’s had on repeat recently. Take a listen and check out our chat below!

Introduce yourself and your work!

My name is Jee Won Park and I’m a South Korean digital artist. I’d describe my works as dreamy and at the same time realistic. My works may show a world that looks imaginary and surreal, but they’re actually always inspired by reality –– a place I really visited, a memory or my emotional experience.

Could you tell us about the playlist you put together?

I listen to all genres of music but I chose the songs that I’ve been listening to on repeat lately. I think they all put me in a good mood. It’s a mix of Indie Pop, French and Korean Pop Music.

What song or artist do you have on repeat recently?

Arrogance Bikini by Emma Hoet and Blowsom. It gives me summer vibes.

If your art were a music genre, what would it be?

Perhaps something close to Indie Pop but also to Lofi, Instrumental and Citypop music.

How do you describe your musical taste?

I have an eclectic taste in music. I listen to a lot of Indie Pop music but I also love classical music (especially Chopin’s waltzes and Beethoven’s sonatas), R&B and Hip-Hop.

What part does music play in your creative process?

Music is definitely one of the main sources of inspiration for my art. I always need to listen to music when I create. It fuels my inspiration and it helps me visualize giving another dimension to the whole creative process.

Pink desert

by zeewipark


by zeewipark


by zeewipark

A new door

by zeewipark


by zeewipark

Where the soul resides

by zeewipark


by zeewipark

Summer night dream

by zeewipark

Olivia Linville

Artist Relations & Development Associate