It’s all about SEO! 

Want more traffic to your Artist Shop? Of course! Hosted by the Artist Community team, in this free Zoom Webinar, we go over the fundamentals of SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) and why it’s so important in helping connect customers to your shop.

What We Covered:

  • An introduction to SEO for Artists
  • Why SEO is important to your artist business
  • Optimizing your Society6 shop for SEO
  • Q&A

In case you missed it, or if you want to watch it again, the recording and presentation are now available below. Check it out!

Watch the Video:

Download the Presentation:

Click the image above to download the webinar presentation

We held a live Q&A! Check out some of the highlights below

Q: You said we should NOT use colors as tags last time. Why did the example you used this time have colors as tags?

A: Artists should include colors as tags only if they really think that it totally defines their design. Generally, it’s not needed.

Q: Should I name my files with keywords as well?

A: This is not important for the files you upload to Society6. Your file name will not affect how you show up in searches for our site.

Q: Are there any terms related to Society6 that artists should tag? For example, should we tag “society6”?

A: No – artists do not need to include tags, titles, or descriptions that are related to Society6. The metadata you provide should be relevant to your design only.

Q: What about long tail keywords like “Vibrant wall art” do we need “Wall art”?

A: It is not necessary to include the “wall art” or any other product names in your tags. This should only be done if you plan on offering a specific product category exclusively for an artwork.

Q: I am curious about the use of hyphens with a multi-word tag. I for instance have used the tag : “surf art” and if i was to want to find surf art I would search, “surf art” . Should I instead be putting “surf-art” with a hyphen between the words for the tags?

A: Artists are welcome to use hyphens when entering multi-word tags. Even if you do not include one, our system will automatically separate your words with a hyphen for you.

Thank you to everyone who joined us! We hope the information was helpful and we look forward to bringing you more content and answering more of your questions in the future.