It’s December, which means you def haven’t finished your holiday shopping and you’re running out of time (and money). If you still haven’t found your bae a gift, we got you.

We asked Lauren ​Juratovac ​and ​Gabriela ​Parada ​are ​Co-Founders ​of ​Brooklyn ​Based Creative ​Studio, Jurada ​Studio to pick their favorite gifts for the bae on a budget so you can win the holidays without drying your funds. 

It’s ​the ​most ​wonderful ​time ​of ​the ​year! ​Or ​the ​most ​stressful ​time ​if ​you’re anything ​like ​us. ​The ​holidays ​should ​be ​spent ​relaxing ​with ​a ​glass ​of ​wine, catching ​up ​with ​family ​and ​friends. ​Not ​roaming ​the ​mall ​aimlessly ​hunting ​for the ​“perfect ​gift” ​​only ​to ​find ​yourself ​disappointed ​with ​a ​headache ​and ​a parking ​ticket. In ​our ​opinion, ​the ​best ​gifts ​are ​functional ​ones ​with ​a ​creative ​twist. ​The ​best go-to’s ​are ​desk ​or ​home ​accessories ​- ​because ​who ​doesn’t ​love ​updating ​their everyday ​items?

​You ​can ​make ​these ​items ​feel ​more ​personal ​by ​choosing ​just the ​print ​for ​the ​stylish ​ones ​on ​your ​list, ​or ​picking ​motivational ​quotes ​for ​those that ​love ​their ​#MondayMantras. ​So ​you’re ​happy ​you ​can ​simplify ​your ​shopping list, ​and ​their ​happy ​to ​recieve ​something ​they ​can ​actually ​use ​and ​enjoy looking ​at. ​Win ​win. Check ​out ​some ​of ​our ​favorite ​picks ​for ​holiday ​gifting ​below! ​Thank ​us ​later ​;)

Sky Clock by Elisabeth Fredriksson

Cactus and Succulent Carry-all Pouch

Tropical Garden Backpack

Tropical Palm Leaves Throw Pillow

Girl Boss Mug

Impossible Contour Map

Butts Mug

Pineapple Dip Notebook

Graphic 150 iPhone Case

Arms and Hands Card

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Cactus + Succulents Carry-all Pouch

by Nature Magick


Tropical Garden Backpack

by Burcu Korkmazyurek


Girl Boss Mug

by Peggie Prints


Butts Coffee Mug

by Julia Heffernan


Graphic 150 iPhone Case

by Mareike Böhmer


Tropical Palm Leaves Throw Pillow

by Simple Luxe


Sky Wall Clock

by Elisabeth Fredrikkson

Pineapple Dip Notebook

by Cassia Beck