Society6 artists work within all artistic mediums, but today we wanna shout out to one of the OG—painting.

Whether with oils, acrylics or watercolors, paint on canvas is a delicate and long-loved way of artistic expression. And even though the term might bring to mind the stuffy, brown-hued European wing of your local museum, S6 artists prove that painting can be so much more. Check out a collection of some of our current fave paintings on the site and get inspired to see the medium in a whole new way.

Eichler With Vespa by Danny Heller

Jungle by Clara López

Over The Sea by Ryo Takemasa

Origins by Kit King

The Only One by Jennifer Gauthier

Eden. by Marija Tiurina

The City by Scott Listfield

Shop more paintings here and check out these amazing features on some of out favorite painters:

Scott Listfield

Tanya Shatseva


Meredith Marsone

G & T Framed Print

by Kim Leutwyler


Ease Framed Print

by Ines J.


Metamorphosis Art Print

by Veronika Weroni Vajdová


Sketch No. 5 Wall Tapestry

by Patricia Vargas


The Observer Wall Tapestry

by Natalie Foss


December Framed Print

by Valeriya Volkova


Twilight Tiger Art Print

by Toronn


Lady Of The Pink Lake Art Print

by Rebecca Chaperon


Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content