Whether it’s a fragment of a dream, the melody of a song or a moment in time—every piece by Taco Nakaguki has a unique story to tell.

In this Behind the Designs series, we will explore the stories and inspiration behind some of our artists’ favorite designs. Here, Tokyo based illustrator Taco Nakaguki tells us about his five favorite pieces.

Conceptual Art, Japan, Where My Roots Are

Whenever I get lost and feel lethargic about our ridiculously noisy modern world, I always take time to virtually revisit this sky fortress I call “Home” that I built in my imaginary world.

Conceptual art, Japan, where my roots are Art Print

Abstract Minimal Dish Soap Home Decor Art, Groovy, Simple

Where do you think I got the inspiration for this piece? The answer is… dish soap. Those blue circles are inspired by soap bubbles on a plate. I hope you like it.

Abstract minimal dish soap home decor art, groovy, simple Art Print

Abstract Plant Home Decor Art, Minimal, Unique

One morning, the weather was super nice and the sky was clear and blue. So I decided to take my plant out to the balcony, and it was the sky peeking through the leaves of the plant that inspired me to make this piece.

Abstract plant home decor art, minimal, unique Art Print

Lotus On Earth Art, Illustration, Simple

Lotus is known for growing out mad and eventually blooms beautiful flowers. I made this piece back in 2020, praying for us humans to grow out of the chaotic times and prosper and thrive.

Lotus on earth art, illustration, simple Art Print

Mirage, minimal versatile art

A song called “Europe” by Scott Gilmore visually inspired this graphic piece. Heartwarming nostalgia and growth is what this image is representing to me.

Mirage, minimal versatile art Art Print

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