When it comes to revamping your sleep space, you’ve got plenty of decisions to make: paint colors, wall art, window covering, and bedding just to name a few potential places to create impact. And when in terms of how to dress your bed, it’s not just about which designs you like best. Enter the age old question: WTF is the difference between comforters and duvets? Fear not, we’ll sort you out.

Let’s break it down: a comforter is a one-and-done deal, unlike duvets which are meant to have various covers slipped on and off to change according to your design whims. The plus side to investing in a comforter is that they’re just less fuss. If you don’t plan on changing up your bedding that often, it might be the right solution for you. That said, in terms of choosing the on that’s right for you, it might be best to either find a style that’s subtle and versatile (in case you decide to change up the other decor in the room)—or at least something you can live with for a while.

A duvet is a great option for anyone that’s prone to changing their mind a lot, or getting bored easily. You can try out different covers whenever you please, which means if you’ve been thinking of going with a wild design or pattern, duvets are probably your best bet. If you hate it, just take it off and try on another one. They’re also easy to clean: a lot comforters come in materials that are dry clean only. Spill something on your duvet cover? You’re not screwed! Just slip it off and toss in in the washing machine (disclaimer: you should also read the instructions for care on whatever you end up buying).


So now that we’ve explained the difference, you’re just left with figuring out which design is best suited to your space—and that’s all you. To help you out, you can shop the Comforters & Duvets Collection here.

Illumination Comforter

by Crystal Walen


Rainbow Eyes Comforter

by Wesley Bird


Now Way Comforter

by Wacka


Conversation Duvet Cover

by 5wingerone


Tie Dye Blues Comforter

by Nina May Designs


Lemon and Leaf Pattern III Duvet Cover

by Burcu Korkmazyurek


Dusty Rose & Stripes Comforter

by Leah Flores


Unicorns and Stars On Dark Teal Duvet Cover

by Micklyn