During these uncertain times, we’ve found a lot of joy in creative activities—whether it’s picking up an instrument, touring a virtual art gallery or doodling during a zoom call (shh don’t tell).

That’s why we’re partnering with our friends at Bombay Sapphire to bring you Create From Home, a campaign that’s dedicated to encouraging acts of everyday creativity.

We’re kicking off our partnership with a drawing challenge brought to you by Phoenix-based illustrator (and Society6 fave) Sagepizza! She’s asking us all to draw…

A Potted Cactus

Which we’re LOVING. And remember! It doesn’t matter if you spend your weekends copying Michelangelo’s at the museum or if your drawing talent extends to stick figures during Pictionary—creativity of all levels and all kinds is accepted and encouraged.

Show us what you’ve got and tag your doodles @society6! Our seven faves will each win a $50 Society6 gift card—so yeah, grab the nearest pencil and channel your inner Picasso.

In the meantime, here’s some artwork to light that inspiration spark:

by Sagepizza

by Madeline Martinez

by Julene Ewert

by Brunna Mancuso

by Picomodi

by Berty Bob

by Beth Hoeckel

Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content