Inside this brief, our team highlights all the important dates, trends and products that we’ll be featuring and, more importantly, customers will be searching for in the coming Spring and Summer months.

As the seasons change and the world finally begins to open up again, customers will begin to view their spaces with a fresh eye. This “Spring Into Summer” season helps bridge the gap between the wintertime and Back to School by blending the latest trends with classic, seasonal products and imagery. All layered with an overall sense of optimism for a long-awaited return to normal(ish)!

Featured Art by sandrapoliakov.

Calendar of Key Events  

This season is full of opportunities to promote your business. Below we’ve outlined the main events and product launches that we’ll be focusing on through marketing and promotions.


4/1 April Fools Day
4/4 Easter
4/15 World Art Day


Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Mental Health Awareness Month
5/10 Mother’s Day
5/31 Memorial Day 

Heads up: Memorial Day is a key shopping holiday and Society6 will be running competitive promos during this period. Look out for more info and consider promoting your shop during this time like you would during the holiday season. 


Pride Month
6/19 Juneteenth
6/20 Father’s Day
6/20 Summer Solstice

Spring/Summer Trend Report

Your roundup of trending themes that customers can’t get enough of. Whether you are an illustrator, pattern designer or photographer, we can’t wait to see how you interpret these trends in your own unique style.

“After a year spent at home, we’re seeing spring as a time to renew our spaces with art and decor that keeps us calm and centered. Whether it’s soothing color palettes, nature-inspired designs or refreshing takes on familiar imagery and styles, these trends are just the breath of fresh air we needed.”

– Jessica, Site Merchandiser

Trending Themes

Botanical Dreams: Breathe new life into your designs with plant motifs and florals. Using a nature-inspired palette, interspersed with pops of bright color, you can instantly add energy and excitement to your work.
Featured Art: “VINTAGE GREEN GARDEN” by sandrapoliakov

Pastel Sunrise: We all need a little more serenity and positivity these days. Balance soothing pastels and motivational typography to get this cheery look.
Featured Art: “These Boots – Glitter Miami Vibe” by Vertigo Artography 

Neutral & Organic: This trend blends soft organic shapes with a muted, earthy color palette for a look that’s minimalist, chic and professional.
Featured Art: “Deliberate” by Nadeige Archin

Pattern Play: Have fun with these trippy, wavy and retro design elements in a myriad of colors and textures.
Featured Art: “Ying and Yang” by Thalia Roman

Mineral-Inspired: Channel the mood-boosting power of Mother Earth with mineral-inspired colors and textures this spring.
Featured Art: “EttaVee Marble No. 1” by EttaVee

Homage to Art History: We all love the greats from art history. Revisit your favorite artists and pieces by adding your own artistic take. Bonus points for anything inspired by Henri Matisse—customers are continually searching for these designs!
Featured Art: “Hands in Art History” by elzzveta

Technicolor Cottagecore: Reimagine cottagecore classics like flora, fauna, fruits and organic patterns in vivid hues inspired by the great outdoors.
Featured Art: “Flower Power Light” by Alja Horvat

Top 10 Search Terms

These are the terms that customers are searching for again and again. Consider adding these as tags to relevant artwork or use as inspiration to create something new.

1. Matisse
2. Cat
3. Beach
4. Mushroom
5. Anime
6. Abstract
7. Mid Century
8. Tarot
9. Vintage
10. Tiger

Pro Tip: When tagging your designs, focus on your intent for the design and be precise with the tags you add. When possible use single word tags. If you do want to use more words, keep it to a maximum of 3 and use dashes (-) in between words instead of spaces.

Trending Search Terms

We took a deep dive into the numbers to bring you the biggest search-term movers this season.

Matisse >> +400%
Mushroom >> +330%
Mid Century >> +98%
Tarot >> +58%
Cat >> +40%

"Matisse Cheetah" by theebouffants

"Fungi World (Mushroom world) -PINK" by janeferwong

Trending Products

Each month we’ll be focusing on a key list of products that have high-demand from customers. What this means is that we’ll be marketing and running promotions with the goal of driving sales in these categories throughout the Spring/Summer season—helping you decide what to promote and when.

“It’s the perfect time to give your space the spring cleaning treatment with easy-to-swap statement pieces like wall art, home decor and bedding. And with warmer weather heading our way, outdoor accessories are a must this season.” 

– Jessica, Site Merchandiser

High-Demand Product Insights

These ten products have been picking up in popularity recently and we expect to see continued interest during the Spring/Summer season. 

Shower Curtains >> +265%
Tapestries >> 85%
All Pillows (regular + floor + rectangular) >> 301%
Wallpaper >> +145%
Wall Clocks >> +292%
Posters >> +140%
Yoga Mats >> +159%
Rugs >> +114%
Bath Mats >> +169%
Wall Murals >> +314%

Monthly Product Trends 

Each month we’ll be focusing on a few key categories with our on site promotions. Consider adding these categories to your shop, enabling new work on these products, and promoting these category sales.

Wall Art
Throw Pillows
Wall Murals
Shower Curtains
Yoga Mats
Outdoor Floor Cushions

Wall Art
Tote Bags
Water Bottles
Beach Towels
Outdoor Blankets
Yoga Mats

Sling Chairs
Water Bottles
Carry-All Pouches
Beach Towels
Fanny Packs
Tote Bags
Yoga Mats
Yoga Towels (coming soon!)
Serving Trays
Wall Clocks
Throw Pillows

Hey Dreams Throw Pillow

by Franciscam

Funky Green and Pink Pattern Water Bottle

by Charly Clements

Multi-Color Check Outdoor Floor Cushion

by Kath Nash

Cute Strawberries Yoga Mat

by Feronia

Trending on Social 


TikTok is the app we never knew we needed. Viral trends, tutorials, DIY, life hacks. Videos that make us laugh, cry and have all the heart eyes. The list goes on and on (and we scroll through it all). We’re seeing our community fully embrace the app as a means to connect with people around the globe that share their passion and interests!

Start sharing your art on TikTok and make sure to follow and tag Society6! You can find us here

"Process" Video by Maggie Stephenson

Timelapse by Tina Naß

Community Team Tips 

Only design for and promote the trends that feel relevant to you and your business. Authenticity is key!

One thing our curator’s look out for is a complete artist profile. Consider adding an avatar, banner and bio if you haven’t already to stand out from the crowd!

Spring is a great time for a little spring cleaning! This includes your artist shop. Take some time to review your designs and products and make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Review the titles of your designs to keep them as simple as possible and avoid hashtags. A short, but descriptive title is always best! 

Don’t miss your chance to earn extra money on the sales you refer. Make sure to include your affiliate link on any links you share (especially the link in your IG bio!) to earn an extra 10%. 

Cheers to a successful Spring and Summer!

Ali Peugh

Director, Artist Community