Each week, our curation team has the pleasure of exploring the treasure trove of uploads from Society6 artists to find the very best from around our community.

In this digest, let us do the discovering for you as we highlight new trends and rising artists that have caught our eye.

Fresh Finds

New Artists to Watch

We love welcoming new artists into our Society6 community! Check out their shops and get to know their amazing work.

Lu Repeating (South Australia)

Lauren Kamal (Atlanta)


talia McWalters (Hong Kong)


Karlina Anna

Roses Art Print by Lu Repeating

Emerging Art Print by Lauren Kamal

Waterfall Art Print by Artguy73

Plantsesca Art Print by taliamcwalters

If You're Reading This Take a Deep Breath Art Print by AveryKateMade

Ramen Art Art Print by Karlina Anna

Through the Lens

New in Photography

Here’s a group of artists who recently captured our attention. Get inspired by their work—we sure are!



Liv D Photography (Australia)

Envy Art Print by marinahunterphoto

Fruity Love Art Print by Myrfivel

Sydney Australia Long Exposure Art Print by Liv D Photography


Sun Captures

This one goes out to our number one source of Vitamin D, baby. This photo series captures gorgeous leaks of sunshine by photographers inspired by our favorite flaming star.

Alone on the Oregon Coast - 35mm Double Exposure Art Print by MylesKatherine

eucalyptus Art Print by Lydia Trappenberg

Glitter pomegranate afternoon Art Print by miyo visual

Lovers Kissing - They are Rainbow High Art Print by Webe Love

3 PORCELAIN Art Print by David Martinho

Staying Out Art Print by Karen Madi

Sun Beam Art Print by Ela Art

sunny day Art Print by Beau Colin



It’s the thing we all faked a stomach ache for—this jiggly trend highlights a mix of photography, illustration and collage. These bright and colorful pieces are sure to trigger a craving.


House of Jello Art Print by Jane Marie Design

Jello Dessert Art Print by Jenna Organdie

Gelatin Art Print by Tyler Varsell

Jello Nails Art Print by Lizzie Darden (@lizzie_darden)

Jelly Art Print by Happy Red Fish Art

Pink Jello Pin-Up Art Print by Kelly Gilleran

Color Story

Peachy Keen

Peach is the pink everyone can get on board with, which explains why so many artists use this hue in their work, from illustration, type design, abstract art and collage.

Flying geese in the autumn Art Print by Carol Maia

Pretty in Blush Art Print by Thalia Roman

Girl enjoying music Art Print by jeneythomas

90's Baby Art Print by AveryKateMade

Abstract Art BA79 0A Art Print by Bonfim Arts

Sweet Peaches Art Print by Masner

Prickly Pear Cactus Art Print by Emily Kenney

Juicy Art Print by deardross

Color Story

Butter Me Up

Think rich, buttery yellow. Artists used this shade to bring sunsets, egg yolks and butterfly wings to life. In the words of Julia Child, “With enough butter, anything is good.”

Floral Still-life Art Print by anastasiyapaints

Abstract Flight 9 Art Print by Flow Line

Get Cozy Tea Cup Art Print by ItsKeila.D

Cream and berries tart Art Print by Guilaine Jeanpierre

On her shoulder Art Print by NewandWesley

Romantic Submarine Art Print by Modern Rosie

Three Swallowtail Butterflies Art Print by Ajas Illustrations

Tired Art Print by Gigi Rosado

Ramen Poster Art Print by Elise Miguel

Ramen Poster Art Print by Elise Miguel