Each week, our curation team has the pleasure of exploring the treasure trove of uploads from Society6 artists to find the very best from around our community.

In this digest let us do the discovering for you as we highlight new trends and rising artists that have caught our eye.

Fresh Finds

New Artists to Watch

We love welcoming new artists into our Society6 community! Check out their shops and get to know their amazing work.

Tosik (Canada)
Irene Arens (Florida, USA)
Nina Pace
Paulina Dominguez
NellyEdwards (UK)
(Guadalajara, Mexico)
Buffalo Betty Trading Co (Appalachian Mountains, USA)

Fashionista No. 3 Art Print by Tosik

Girl with Banana Earrings Art Print by Irene Arens

Echo Art Print by Nina Pace


Ceiling lights Art Print by Paulina Dominguez

Palmistry Gardening Gloves Art Print by NellyEdwards

Ultra Sound Art Print by Loloquiee

Tie Dye Shibori Orbs Art Print by Buffalo Betty Trading Co

Through the Lens

New in Photography

Here’s a group of artists who recently captured our attention. Get inspired by their work—we sure are!

Roa Photo
Sydney Noelle (California)

Pineapple Express. Art Print by Roa Photo

The Waterfall Art Print by MKK

Silent Soireé II Art Print by Sydney Noelle


Fresh Clicks

Here’s a collection of new photos by not-so-new photographers from our community. Swoon over this mix of surreal and intimate images.

Hands | Black and white print Art Print by Linnfotografie

Go Off Bitch II Art Print by Alice Ferox

Curcuma latte Art Print by Tatjana Zlatkovic

_MG_0065 Art Print by Framed By Ellie

flower tears Art Print by Sophie Finke

Rockstar Art Print by Linas Vaitonis

Amara Art Print by maddiiiooyx

Palms of Fruit Art Print by glowy berd

She Snowfall Art Print by Erin Graboski

Winter Cabin In Iceland Art Print by Damon Beckford Photography

Shadow #1 Art Print by LESLIE KIRCHHOFF

Peace Art Print by Shannon Tomasik


Around The Block Print

Linocuts, block prints, shapes and simple color palettes—the printmaking buzz is in the air. Whether it’s on paper, fabric or wood, the craftsmanship is stunning.

Abstract Minimal Geometric Art, Black and Cream #2 Art Print by Taco Nakaguki

Ground Cherries Artisanal Print green and pink Art Print by Andrea Leonelli

Face 2 Face Art Print by HENRIxLYDIA

Black Dachshund Art Print by Huebucket

Lady Fern | Cortado Series Art Print by Alex Gold Studios

Lino Print #2 / Flowers in a Pot Art Print by Alisa Galitsyna

Mushrooms Art Print by Nikki Lukkarinen

Shell IV Art Print by Maria Fallstrom

Mid-Century Modern No.16 - Woodblock Print Art Print by Zoltan Ratko

Orange Crystals - Handmade stamps Art Print by Suemomo

Campfire Stories Art Print by Forestore

Color Story

Moody Mauve

Named after the mallow flower in the hibiscus family, mauve is a pale purple hue. Featured in these works as both an accent and a predominant shade, mauve adds an emotive tone to these illustrations, photographs and abstract designs.

Abstract Oil Painting 3c3 Lillac Mauve Pale Pink Art Print by GoAbstractArt

Leafy Field - Magic Art Print by CordiallyClover

Fallen Angel Art Print by Maggie Chao

Love, Lily Art Print by Lady in the Garden

Mushrooms - black Art Print by Carey Copeland

Purple Prickly Pear Art Print by Artistallen

Valentine's Day Poster by geena yin


Worth Art Print by High_Altitude

Color Story

Pure Bright Blue

Rich and bold, this gorgeous shade of blue is incredibly versatile. It can take up all the space or simply be used to make a piece pop out. These designs are entirely mesmerizing.

Aquarius Art Print by ByStudioWillow

Birds (New Zealand) Art Print by Sega-l

OH MY! typography Art Print by DiscoBaby

Arcade Art Print by Loloquiee

Mountain Revelry Art Print by Jessica Johnson

TEA TIME Art Print by Sandra Poliakov

Bug Study 1 Art Print by ginkgojulep

Tamale Time Kokeshi Art Print by ArtofCloudy

Trust The Process Art Print by Tiger Spirit

Portrait | Red Kiss | sad love Art Print by Sofi-Naydenova

Selfie blue Art Print by terezamc.

Tree of Life Watercolor – Navy Art Print by Cat Coquillette