Each week, as head of curation, I have the pleasure of exploring the treasure trove of uploads from Society6 artists to find the very best from around the community.

In this digest, allow me to do the discovering for you by highlighting new trends and rising artists that have caught my eye.

Fresh Finds

Artists to Watch

Here is a group of artists who are new to Society6 and doing some amazing work. It’s both exciting and inspiring to see so many active and talented artists joining our community each week. Let’s meet some!

bárbara dantas (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Kurt K Gledhill (Okayama, Japan)

denulais_studio (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Best of Rae (Washington, DC)

thecraftedden (Sydney, Australia)

The Rogue Petal Co (Baltimore, Maryland)

Garden I Art Print by bárbara dantas

VeRtEx 11/20 Art Print by Kurt K Gledhill

Vases Art Print by denulais_studio

Daydream Art Print by Best of Rae

I Love My Plants Art Print by thecraftedden

Butterfly Anemone Floral Envelope Art Print by The Rogue Petal Co.

Through the Lens

This Week in Photography

Have a look at the images captured by artist Carla Talabá. From her studio base in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico, Carla blends her expertise in graphic design and photography. Each of her images seems poised and intriguing, beckoning us into some not-so-distant curiosity.

Orange Art Print by Carla Talabá

Blooming Art Print by Carla Talabá

Misty Morning Art Print by Carla Talabá

Curiosity Art Print by Carla Talabá

Leaf Art Print by Carla Talabá

Turquesa Art Print by Carla Talabá


Earth Tile Mandala

We’re seeing a powerful amount of boho-flavored mandala artwork rolling in as of late. These free-spirited designs arrive symmetrically poised to bring positivity and light into any room or living situation.

Moroccan Tile Art Print by by amanda sem

Gazing Mandala – Sage & Pink Art Print by Cat Coquillette

AZUL TILE Art Print by holli zollinger

Happy Sunshine - art print Art Print by CharlotteWinter

Psychedelic Mandala Vintage orange,yellow and black Art Print by Urvashi Patel

Pink and Navy Mandala Art Print by Cynthia Haller

Color Story


This color story springs from blending organic tones with a feminine touch. These works by female artists showcase an aura of warm hues, geometric shapes and structure paired with a sense of light hearted allure.

Soraya Art Print by mmvce

Organica 4 Art Print by MIRIMOart

Organic Abstract Shapes #3 Art Print by Alisa Galitsyna

freefalling Art Print by Madeline Martinez

Slowdown Art Print by Vacacionessss

Fragile Art Print by apricot+birch

Artist Spotlight

yadi_liu | New York City, New York

My first impression of yadi_liu‘s work was a charge of energy. It remains equally playful and thoughtfully structured, utilizing a captivating color palette. Her work also reads as a blend of figurative scenes yet maintains solid footing as well-crafted, playfully abstract fine art works.

Dream Land Art Print by yadi_liu

Swimmer Art Print by yadi_liu

Under the Moon Art Print by yadi_liu

Eden Art Print by yadi_liu

About the Curator

Hello there art friends. My name is Nathan Spoor, Head of Curation at Society6. I have over 25 years of experience as an art curator for galleries and museums, I’ve written for several prominent art publications and published three books on contemporary art. I’m also a painter and a member of one of the first groups of artists that took the plunge and joined Society6 in 2009. Since 2015, I’ve been the full-time Society6 curator, continuously thrilled to be on the forefront of surfacing so much amazing work, sharing rising artists, trending themes and color stories that spark inspiration and fuel the imagination.

Each day I dive into a sea of new art uploads on Society6, surrounded by a virtual treasure trove of artists from around the world sharing their original works paintings, photographs, illustrations and designs.

Nathan Spoor

Head of Curation // Society6