Each week, as head of curation, I have the pleasure of exploring the treasure trove of uploads from Society6 artists to find the very best from around the community.

In this digest, allow me to do the discovering for you by highlighting new trends and rising artists that have caught my eye.

Fresh Finds

Artists to Watch

Here is a group of artists who are new to Society6 and doing some amazing work. It’s both exciting and inspiring to see so many active and talented artists joining our community each week. Let’s meet some!

Kiefer Jones (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Freya Lowy Clark (London, United Kingdom)

aditiatwork (Boston, Massachusetts)

Katie Zag (Portland, Oregon)

Georgia Stefanelli (Petropolis, Brazil)

Izabela Pichotka (Xanten, Germany)

the green Art Print by Kiefer Jones

Wild Geese Art Print by Freya Lowy Clark

Beach holiday Art Print by aditiatwork

Magnolia Hand Study Art Print by Katie Zag

Graffiti BW Art Print by Izabela Pichotka

Botanica I Art Print by Geórgia Stefanelli

Through the Lens

This Week in Photography

Los Angeles based photographer Evan Lane is creating ephemeral, deftly captured memories in a single frame. His work seems to bring out a mysterious air within the subjects while showcasing organic and honest moments. These candid and seemingly effortless images tickle the imagination and draw us in.

The birds Art Print by Evan Lane

Rag Doll Art Print by Evan Lane

Ballo0n. Art Print by Evan Lane

Float Art Print by Evan Lane

Time Machine 2 Art Print by Evan Lane

Black and blue Art Print by Evan Lane


Toile De Jouy

These creative artists definitely incorporate some cheeky fun as they point their talents at this age-old fabric print imagery. This trend is based on the French originated technique of decorating fine linens with a repeating pattern featuring major events of the day. And let me say, these artists really do take 18th-century decor and make it current. 

Green Alien Abduction Toile De Jouy Pattern Art Print by Beth Norton

Animal Jouy Art Print by Florent Bodart / Speakerine

Astrology-Inspired Zodiac Gold Toile Pattern Art Print by The Whiskey Ginger

chinoiserie toile red Art Print by Sharon Turner

Eurasian Wolf Toile Pattern (Green) Art Print by illucalliart

Toile de Jouy Between eras 01 Art Print by mmartabc

Color Story


Introducing the current face of crisp inspiration: pastel mint. This cool shade of green is renowned for its fresh and vibrant properties as well as its versatility, as it can function as both an accent and a feature color.

Lipstick (Mint) Art Print by Tyler Varsell

Tropics Babes Art Print by Rachel Jo

House of the Owl Art Print by House of the Owl

Dream Art Print by Cora-Tiana

Ocean Angel Art Print by Carly Siciliano

Desert hotel Art Print by Helo Birdie

It's a cloudy day Art Print by Zoltan Nyaray

Artist Spotlight

WeSCREAM | New York, New York

These new digital works from WesCREAM are a visual thrill to take in. Each object and scene is full of bright, lively color, and the shapes invite our imaginations to roam freely.

Conduct Art Print by WesCREAM

Hard candy Art Print by WesCREAM

Mass Art Print by WesCREAM

Technicolor Art Print by WesCREAM

Aero Art Print by WesCREAM

Optic Art Print by WesCREAM

About the Curator

Hello there art friends. My name is Nathan Spoor, Head of Curation at Society6. I have over 25 years of experience as an art curator for galleries and museums, I’ve written for several prominent art publications and published three books on contemporary art. I’m also a painter and a member of one of the first groups of artists that took the plunge and joined Society6 in 2009. Since 2015, I’ve been the full-time Society6 curator, continuously thrilled to be on the forefront of surfacing so much amazing work, sharing rising artists, trending themes and color stories that spark inspiration and fuel the imagination.

Each day I dive into a sea of new art uploads on Society6, surrounded by a virtual treasure trove of artists from around the world sharing their original works paintings, photographs, illustrations and designs.

Nathan Spoor

Head of Curation // Society6