The Friday Five is a weekly showcase of new Society6 artists. These talents come from all over the world, bringing fresh new styles and designs that deserve your attention. Find out more about today’s worldwide array of artists in their S6 stores.

Shannon Fae (Perth, Australia)
Nora Bilderwelten (Alacant, Spain)
Jason Powers (New York City, New York)
Matt Tavares (Ogunquit, Maine)
Abigail Mitchell (Salt Lake City, Utah)

'rusty leaves' by shannon fae

'sand dunes' by shannon fae

'sunny flower' by shannon fae

Let him love your absence as well by Art by Nora Bilderwelten

Listen when someoneelse is talking by Art by Nora Bilderwelten

Abstract Arguments by Art by Nora Bilderwelten

Typefart 002 by Jason Powers

Typefart 003 by Jason Powers

Typefart 008 by Jason Powers

A Cardinal on 5th Avenue by Matt Tavares

Foggy Night by Matt Tavares

Above the Clouds by Matt Tavares

Come Wrap Around Me by Abigail Mitchell

Alternate Portrait IV by Abigail Mitchell

Home I (Red) by Abigail Mitchell

Nathan Spoor

Head of Curation // Society6