We gave our friends at Passerbuys $125 to buy all of their holiday gifts and here’s how they spent it…

Let’s be honest, holiday shopping is mad stressful, holiday shopping on a budget, even more. At Passerbuys, we’re all about recommendations, we also know that an unlimited budget isn’t always an option. So we’ve collected some of our current favorites at Society6 this season, that altogether would cost less than $125.

Oh, and a little tip! Invest in some kraft paper instead of holiday gift wrapping paper. It’s cheap, it’s more versatile, and you can get creative with it. The brown paper becomes a blank canvas. Grab a sharpie, or get some colorful ribbons – you can make it work for any occasion.

Seinfeld Phone Case

A Show About Nothing iPhone Case

As New Yorkers, anything related to what has captured the zeitgeist of the city like Seinfeld has, we’re automatically fans. This gift is a no brainer for the New Yorker in your life. Get this for the friend with whom you’ve got a million inside jokes with.


Rectangular Pillow

Gold Leaf Rectangular Pillow

Everyone’s got that one friend who’s obsessed with home decor and re-decorating and reorganizing. Give them something they can appreciate like another pillow for their couch. This could also go for a roomie and doubles as decor for you.


Carry-All Pouch Set

Fruits Carry-All Pouch Set

A set of pouches can be a mom favorite for her beauty products and trinkets that she keeps in her purse and on the go. The different sizes can help your mom get organized for those moments when she’s looking for her change or her phone.


Daria & Jane Coffee Mug

Daria & Jane Coffee Mug

Spent a lot of coffee breaks with a colleague this year? Why not get them a coffee mug? Better yet, a Daria & Jane Coffee mug.


Stationary Cards

Summah! Stationary Cards

We’re big fans of illustrator, Isabelle Feliu, and a gift is never complete without a card. So make sure to add that extra thought to any of your holiday gifting. It’s therapeutic for yourself but meaningful for the person you’re gifting to know that you took the time to write something out for them.

Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content