We’ve officially entered the holiday shopping season or as we call it, “Peak Season” which means it’s more important than ever to get your shops ready for the increase in customer traffic!

This season, whether customers are preparing to host the perfect party or are looking to give the perfect gift, we know that they come to Society6 to find something truly 100% them. In this weeks prep guide, we list out the 10 products that are expected to be very popular with customers this year. Plus, our site merchandiser, Meghan, shares some insight into why it’s a great idea to promote these items and have them enabled in your shop.

For more holiday tips, check out our 2021 Holiday Creative Brief and our Holiday Success Guide webinar hosted by the artist community team.

1. Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles are one of the latest additions to the Society6 product catalogue. This was a highly requested item by both artists and customers so these are sure to be big sellers! Our puzzles are precision cut featuring a thick, class-leading paperboard, with a satin finish for added durability. Customers can choose between 200, 500 and 1000 pieces so they can spend hours putting your artwork together! As an added bonus, each puzzle comes with a custom printed box that makes it feel extra special.

Check out our technical walk through for more on selling puzzles.

Holiday Couch Potato Cats

by kilkennycat


by Sandra Poliakov

The White Bunch Jigsaw

by Tordis Kayma

London in the snow

by Caroline Bonne Müller

2. Socks

Another new product that makes a great stocking stuffer. Owning a pair of cool socks is a must, no matter what your age. Our socks are available in one, two or three pair sets and are made from a soft cotton/recycled-poly blend for stretch and comfort. Meghan says, “Matching group socks are the new matching pajamas.”

Check out our technical walk through for more on selling socks.

Gold snowflakes on a black background.

by Luciena

Winter Roses

by Ez Pudewa

Dark holidays nature

by mmartabc

Rainbow Marble

by Gigi Rosado

3. Crewnecks

“Our most requested apparel item is here! Crewneck sweatshirts are available up to 4XL, making them a great gift option for everyone”, says Meghan. This warm apparel item allows your designs to be showcased as wearable art. Put some holiday themed artwork on your crewnecks and turn them into the perfect sweater for holiday parties!

Check out our technical walk through for more on selling crewnecks.

Bright Blooms

by Oris Eddu

Tiger Collection – Blue & Tan

by Cat Coquillette

"Whiskey Is My Love Language" Cute Orange Typography Design For Whiskey Lovers!

by The Whiskey Ginger

plant dance

by steph_angeles

4. Wrapping Paper

An obvious choice for the holidays. Our custom printed wrapping paper takes gifting to the next level. The thick paper and cut-lines on the back make wrapping gifts a breeze. For all of you pattern design artists out there, this is a product you should certainly offer year round.

New York Fern in Gold

by Becky Bailey

Gift box pile

by Kashmira Jayaprakash

Poppy Pine

by Oris Eddu

mediterranean pears watercolor

by El buen limon

5. Throw Blankets

The holidays have been a bit different since last year so we anticipate customers are going to want to get super cozy and in the spirit to revel in that sweet holiday positivity. Crafted with sherpa fleece, these blankets are unbelievably soft. Meghan says, “Our throw blankets have been a gift-giving favorite for years now. Honestly, you can never have enough, or give enough of these super cozy blankets.”

Painted Stars

by Amanda Laurel Atkins

Días cálidos

by Hola Lou

Nordic winter pattern

by BrankaPD



6. Phone Cases

Phone cases have been a really hot item since the iPhone13 was released. We have no doubt people will be upgrading their devices this holiday season, and they will need a new case to keep them protected in designs that express their own unique style.

Colorful Wildflower Bouquet on Charcoal Black

by Shealeen Louise

Never, Never Give Up

by ayeyokp

Sun Palm

by Nick Quintero



7. Coffee Mugs & Travel Mugs

Mugs are a staple in the gift giving game, especially once it starts to get cold out. Our coffee and travel mugs are another great stocking stuffer item that sees very high sales during the holidays. The travel mugs feature double-wall insulation to keep drinks hot (or cold) for hours and our ceramic coffee mugs are available in 11oz and 15oz sizes. These are easy to promote because you can get awesome lifestyle shots by taking a selfie of yourself using your mug!

But I love fall most of all

by Maggie Stephenson

Hog Chocolate

by Sophie Corrigan

Bright Retro Skii Pattern

by showmemars

Trees forest night

by Ninola Design

8. Stationary Cards

This one should go without saying. Everyone knows that you can’t do gift giving without a card to go with it. Customers use our stationary cards to show their loved ones, near and far, that they care. Each set comes in a pack of three and includes envelopes for each. So make sure to have all of your popular designs enabled on our stationary cards and let your artwork bridge the connection between friends and family this year.

Fancy That Typographic Art

by Sam Sheridan

Tangled 1

by artyguava


by Seaside Spirit

Joy In Rainbows

by Morgan Harper Nichols

9. Framed Mini Art Prints

Whether someone is trying to improve their office decor or fill an awkward entryway, our framed mini art prints are likely a great extension to any artist’s wall art offering. Your framed mini art prints can be hung on a wall or just stand alone on a side table or over the fireplace. Promote this item to your customers as both a stocking stuffer or a low key addition to their home decor.

Santa panda

by Balazs Solti

Festive Peaches

by Megan Morris

Squad Goals

by Lo Harris

Black Eucalyptus Leaves Pattern

by Anis Illustration

10. Serving Trays

Whether shoppers are looking to up their hosting game or just want a new way to organize their home accessories, we see customers gravitating towards serving trays in big numbers during the holiday season. Each tray is made with a 100% sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo wood frame so this is a great item to market if you have more of an earth conscious following.

Space is the Place

by Chuck Gonzales


by Sandra Poliakov

1970s Warm Tiles

by Brave Leopard

Floral Geometry 6

by Gaite

Don’t miss out on potential sales over the holidays by forgetting to enable these fan favorite items. For more tips and tricks on how you can prepare for the busy season ahead, check out our 2021 Artist Holiday Checklist. We’ll be back next week to discuss another topic to help you find success this holiday season!

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