There is something irreverent and freeing to saying, “I Don’t Care Anymore.” It kind of makes you untouchable, because life is all about caring. Caring too much about stuff that probably doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Once you proclaim that you don’t care, that’s when things really start to get fun, because you can create art from a place that is unselfconscious and creative. “We Don’t Care Anymore” is a group show featuring 21 artists at Junior High, a community art space + non profit in Hollywood. The show’s theme is focused on the color pink, and reclaiming the color as a symbol of strength in femininity, power and positive energy. It was cool to see how pink was incorporated into each piece in a totally different way: floral motifs abounded, as did neon signs, photography and illustrations.

Artists featured included: Ahida Agirre, Alba Yruela, bubblegumroots, Carol Lindberg, Helena Exquis, Lynnie Zulu, Laura Carascosa Vela, Ines Cardo, Laura Vifer, Miriam Marlene Waldner, Ms Nina, Ombligo Paloma Marine, Susana Lopez, Unamesacamilla, Mercedes Bellido, Mirena Ossorno, Rocio Madrid, Yoko Honda, and Zazi White.

Here’s a photo recap from the show, shot by Michael Delaney. If you want to find out more about Junior High events, check ’em out here!