Focus on maximizing your holiday earnings first, then turn your attention to 2018!

As business owners and masters of the side-hustle, we’re all in “go” mode right up until Christmas Day. You should take advantage of the busiest season of the year until we’re through it. Your largest sales opportunities are happening as we speak.

For US customers, any products purchased by Dec. 17th will arrive by Christmas.  Dec 18th is the last day for US customers to order Prints, Phone Cases, Wall Tapestries, Coffee Mugs and Throw Blankets (and still arrive by Christmas).

On top of that, we have an awesome holiday promo schedule in December to help you maximize your earnings. You’ll be getting emails regarding the schedule. Please read last month’s Creative Brief if you need a reminder on the importance of optimizing your designs and products for a crazy shopping season.

Once you’re feeling good about maximizing your holiday sales, turn your attention to strategizing for 2018. Aside from design prompts, I dropped in a few business development prompts as well.




1. Bookmark the Society6 Promotional Schedule

This is Google Doc with all the promotional information and downloadable overlay assets you need regarding active and upcoming promotions. We’ll keep this up to date so you can bookmark and use accordingly through the holidays and beyond.

Access the document here.

2. Optimize your designs and products for the holidays

Make your customer’s decision to buy your goods an easy one. Don’t stop there though. Give them reason to recommend your shop to their friends and family. You would be amazed how a properly placed design will stop a customer in their tracks. Review numbers 1 & 2 in last month’s Creative Brief.

3. Round out your Home decor products for early 2018

There’s a reason we put the HOME category in the navigation menu. Customers love being able to shop Society6 for the newest and most unique design trends on affordable home goods. That includes everything from Art Prints and Wall Tapestries to Comforters and Pillow Shams. But let’s consider what’s happening in the near term…

Most of us are looking to the New Year with optimism. We make promises to ourselves and others to improve some aspect of our lives with our New Year’s resolutions.

More often than not, a simple shift in our home spaces makes those resolutions actually attainable. You can use this as a selling point with your customers. Energetically, a customer who redecorates their living space with things that remind them of their aspirations, they’re much more likely to continue thinking about those goals, working towards them and, ultimately, achieving them.

4. Identify your personal style and put it into words

As an Artist, you should know your story and you should know how to tell it. Consider this an exercise in articulation. This may require more effort for some than others depending where you’re at in your career. Since this may also require some brainstorming, take a few sips of that eggnog and jot it all down. Start with a brain dump, then refine it as you go. The more clear you are in why you create and what you create, the easier it is for customers to get on board.

5. Popular right now: Christmas

Customers are looking for Christmas related gear. That window is quickly closing, but if you’ve got some hustle in you, now is an excellent time to get your Christmas designs available for sale.

Here’s some cool Christmas cards we just did with a handful of Artists.

6. Low-key popular: Skulls

Society6 has always lead with an edgier foot so this probably isn’t very surprising. However, we are seeing more customers looking for skull-related products now than in the summer.

7. Just for fun: Water, Ocean, Mermaids

If winter makes you long for the summer, here’s your escape. These topics are generally popular year round, but if you were looking for a departure from all the winter and holiday themed stuff, here’s your distraction!

Remember to tag your artwork with relevant tags and titles so it can be found by customers. Check out this tutorial on How To Get Found In Search.

Ben Renschen


Formerly: Artist Development Manager at Society6