When it comes to designs that are playful and minimal, no one makes it look easier than MPGMB.

And this dynamic duo (Marie-Pier Guilmain and Maud Beauchamp) is giving us a close up on their thoughtful interiors, colorful palette and intuitive aesthetic.

Samambaia Throw Pillow by CASCINO LAB

“You’ll see a lot of color blocks and collage work. We’re inspired by shape in both our artwork and handmade ceramic pieces.”

Intersections-01 Art Print by mpgmb

// Artefact #7 Art Print by mpgmb

Polka Beige Throw Blanket by mpgmb

“A playful and clean balance is a big part of our aesthetic, balancing shape and color while maintaining a bright space.”

// Artefact #8 Art Print by mpgmb

Beige Stripes Rectangular Pillow by mpgmb

“The space was quite small for a family of four (985 sqft), so we tried to incorporate low-cost, built-in storage.”

Beige Grid Rectangular Pillow by mpgmb

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// Reverse 02 Art Print by mpgmb

“Our process is an intuitive one—it’s often a lot of trial and error.”

Daisies Mustard Throw Pillow by CASCINO LAB

Polka Pink Rug by mpgmb

“Often, we incorporate textiles to provide warmth, texture and little punches of color to a space.”

Modern poster Paul Klee - Zweierlei Augenmass, 1938. Art Print by Mumintroll

Cheetah Spot Throw Pillow by Megan Galante

Rainbow Palm Art Print by Megan Galante

Henri Matisse abstract cut out flower lavender minimal contemporary print Framed Art Print by mini mons

Photography by Stephany Hildebrand