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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Agostina and I am a freelance textile designer and illustrator from Argentina.  I got my degree in Fibers from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2013 and have worked with both big and small brands as a product developer, print and pattern designer and more! Some of my favorite projects include art directing and designing a home textile collection for National Geographic and working as an in-house textile designer for Hollister Co.

Current city: I currently live in Columbus, Ohio.

How did you make these?  When creating illustrations I work strictly digitally using Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Tablet. Sometimes I sketch initial concepts on an iPad using Procreate, which I then bring into Photoshop to refine and finalize.

My creative process begins by looking at reference photos that I collect and save either on Pinterest or Instagram. I have a board on both platforms titled “To Draw.” I begin by creating collages out of images in Photoshop to come up with ideas for compositions to use as reference in my illustrations. I also have a running list on my notes app with ideas of things to draw, should I find myself uninspired.

Why did you make these? I started making illustrations as a hobby when I left my full time design job at Abercrombie & Fitch to start my own business (a brick and mortar retail store). I missed the creative outlet and decided to participate in the 100 Day Project. I wanted to challenge myself to create 100 portraits in 100 days. The work evolved as the days went on and I was less interested in the portraits and more interested in developing as an illustrator. Currently I make work that explores themes of the female experience. I love drawing a variety of women and the different lives they lead.

What do people typically say about your work? People usually like my color choices, the fact that the work tends to be pattern heavy, that it is slightly political and that it includes a variety of women that they can relate to.

Social: @agostinaillu

"In Her Room"

"Pool Views"

"Pastel Babe"

"Santorini Greece"

"Self Care"

"Motel Pool"

"Good Chisme"

"Still Life"

"Naked Beauty"

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