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Who are you and what do you do? I am Anneamanda and at the moment I work as a clothing designer. Last year, I did fashion illustrations on Fiverr. I make art in my free time, dreaming of being a full-time illustrator and artist.

Current city: Helsinki, Finland

How did you make these?  I usually hand sketch, then scan the sketch, and then work with Adobe Illustrator on it. I usually experiment with different color palettes and end up with something pink. I like other mediums like watercolor and Copic markers too, but digital is just the fastest and easiest way to get started in the evening after work.

Why did you make these? An idea pops in my head about something I get excited to draw and I have to get it out. Not that it doesn’t change along the way! Often it is about feminism and I just draw women and girls. I want to draw women in gentle [ways], not overtly sexual ways as we often are portrayed. [I want to] express women’s friendships and women empowering women. Women are also fierce, strong and powerful and I want to express that, too.

What do people typically say about your work? That they like the concept, diversity and colors. It is always super interesting to hear how people interpret my work. If my work in anyway comforts, empowers or inspires other people, it is a huge reward.

Social: @anneamanda (on Instagram)

"space buns"

"resting queen"

"wild, fierce and kind"

"space heels with socks"

"space bras on blue background"

"galactic cups"

"feminist gang sign"

"rock on"

"Bharadvaja's Twist with pink background"

"natural waves"

"summer yoga"

"monstera plant on pink background"

"women support women"


"grl pwr"

"rose embroideries"

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