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Who are you and what do you do?  I am Herikita, a Colombian painter. I am 32 years old. For me, to paint is to fill that void that life has. It is the possibility of transforming through my hands what inhabits my head, so that way everyone can see it. I try to paint my life, my whole life, the life of a teenager, a woman. I firmly believe that everyone has an important story to tell and this is mine.

Current city: Bogota, Colombia.

Clients: The Washington Post, Medium, Food for the Hungry, Min and Mon, Society6

How did you make these? I made them playing hide-and-seek with my daughter. While I was painting on my desk I counted to 10 and she hid. I guessed where she could be; from my desk I named all the places in the house and when I guessed [correctly], she came out. I made them playing at the supermarket cashier. I made them listening to my daughter do tantrums, while also at the same time making the lunch. Some people believe that when you paint you are in a quiet place; when I paint, life is happening at that moment, right there, and I have to deal with all that at the same time that I have to paint.

Why did you make these? I did them because I have the conviction that it is important, that every day I have to get up and paint as if it were the most important thing in the world, because I believe that this is my job. I have to paint my life.

What do people typically say about your work? Some people identify, some like color, others understand something different from what I was trying to say.

Social: @herikitaconk (on Instagram)



"I decide what to grow in my body"

"light my fire"

"I'm just another lady without a baby"

"bicycle for two"






"Apagaste la Oscuridad"

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