Whether art is your main source of income or a side hustle, are you paying attention to how much you make versus how much you spend?


About the Holiday Prep Guide: For five weeks over peak shopping season, we’ll be sharing a weekly schedule, each Saturday, with tips on prepping your Artist Shop for holiday shoppers, capitalizing on our promo schedule, fun creative challenges and insights from fellow Society6 artists. We’re here to help you make the most of this season–how you follow our schedule is totally up to you!

Week four’s holiday prep guide hones in on some business best practices like getting smart with your finances and using collections to organize your artwork for customers. We also tap into some key trends via our December Creative Brief and offer up a design challenge to prep for the New Year.

SOCIETY6 PROMOTION SCHEDULE. Don’t forget to bookmark this page! The first two weeks of December are going to be jam packed with awesome deals for your customers. This is where we’ll keep you up to date with details.



Design Challenge: Motivational Typography

You're The Best Stationary Card

by Kangaroozoo


Do It For Yourself Throw Pillow

by subliming


You Got This Bath Mat

by Matthew Taylor Wilson


Get Up And Grow Your Dreams Poster

by Vincent Cousteau


Each week we’ll be running a new Design Challenge to keep your creative skills sharp. Whether you make something new or share an old favorite, we can’t wait to see what you’ve been creating!

This week we’re looking to the new year with optimism. Specifically, we’re interested in your best MOTIVATIONAL TYPOGRAPHY.
Every turn of the calendar year, there’s a sense of starting fresh–even if everything continues as normal. It’s an opportunity to bring up new mantras, ideas, thoughts, etc. So, we’re excited to see your best and brightest (not necessarily literally) in creative typography.

Keeping in your style, submit typographic designs–new or old–that you feel evoke the spirit of the new year.

Submissions will be considered for inclusion in marketing material for our New Year campaign. We’ll also be giving away free product to our favorites!

Submit by: Sunday, December 9, 2018



5 Minute Read

Learn What’s Trending in our December Creative Brief

At the beginning of every month, we release tips, trends, popular products and education to help you make better business decisions for yourself in month ahead. Some of the best stuff in there are tips on what we know our customers are searching for–on Society6 and across the internet.

Read our December Creative Brief >



5 Minute Read

Learn How to Feel Better About Your Finances

It’s impossible to ignore the business side of things if you’re interested in generating income from your art. As part of our ongoing Ask Angella series, Angella d’Avignon covers 101 level tips that should help you not only feel more confident in running your business, but feeling better as an artist with a stronger grasp on your finances.

Read more about managing your finances >



5 Minute Read + Build A Collection

How to Make Collections Your Customers (and Their Wallets) Will Love

At Society6 we throw around the word “collection” quite a bit. That’s because they’re one of our favorite, tried-and-true ways of sharing and celebrating artwork. Surely you’ve seen our company-wide collections (we’ve got quite a few), but you might not have known that making your own collections is the perfect way to help your customers narrow down their choice.

Learn a few creative ways to leverage Society6 Collections >



Quick Social Tips

We asked some of our artists what their biggest tips were for generating sales through Instagram. We give you their tips below, plus we’re linking you to some related education if you felt like diving a little deeper.

Keep it Real

@allysonjjohnson: Hashtags. Responding to comments. Tagging @society6 in the product photo. Also, don’t sound like an advertisement when you’re writing a caption. I’ve found that getting personal helps people want your products more. In fact, I order my own products in order to take “real life” photos of them. People love to see a product in action!

Learn how to shoot your own natural-looking lifestyle imagery >

Link to your work

@eugenia_loli: Have the URL of your store as a clickable link in your profile. Make sure you refer your viewers to that link every time you make a post. People often keep asking for your link if you don’t remind them that it already exists!

Learn how to create customer funnels >


@bokkei: If I know there is a promotion coming up I try to post or showcase new items in my shop to encourage sales.

Check out our current promos >

Mix it Up

@bioworkz: I respect my followers, so I don’t bombard them with posts of things to buy. I like to have at least five interesting posts for every one image that encourages a purchase.

Read about Bioworkz leap from full-time to freelance >

In-Person Product

@hanna.k.l: I’m more likely to buy something online if I see customer pictures of it and I’m sure a lot of other people are the same. Purchase your own products from Society6 and upload photos of them. Make sure to arrange the shot very carefully, and try to show the exact color and texture of the item.

Learn how Hanna developed her aesthetic >



Enjoy the weekend



Continue enjoying

Too early to enjoy a lil’ spiked eggnog? Naaaaah. It’s December.



Only one more work for customers to order all the goods from your shop! The first two weeks of December are great to be promoting and encouraging customers to see you as a great gifting resource. We’ll offer up a ton of great deals for you and your customers, so keep track of the promo schedule in our weekly Artist Heads Up.

If you’d like to workshop your ideas or have questions about how to approach the holidays, please join us in our official Facebook group where artists will be helping each other throughout the holidays! We’ll chime in where we can too!


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