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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Jee Won Park and I’m a self-taught creator. I started making artworks as a hobby on my Instagram account in 2017 and now work as a freelance creator.

Current city: I’m from South Korea but was raised in Rome, Italy, where I currently live.

Clients: Snapchat, Apple Music, Michelle Phan’s EM Cosmetics, Herbivore Botanicals

How did you make these? I take pictures with my iPhone and edit them in Photoshop. I love using natural lights and colours to reproduce my visions. Sometimes I would just play with them without any idea in mind until I make something that I like. Nature is my main source of inspiration, especially the sun, the moon, water, flowers, crystals and bubbles. I always listen to instrumental music when creating.

Why did you make these? I made them because I love creating. It heals me and comforts me. I enjoy the process, experimenting with what I have and see[ing] the final results. I also love sharing them with other people on my Instagram. I think creating has become a need for my own wellbeing.

What do people typically say about your work? That they find my artworks soothing and healing; some others say they remind them of their childhood. I’m really happy whenever they look at them in this way. It encourages me to keep creating and makes me feel I’m doing something meaningful.

Social: @zeewipark (on Instagram)

"Dear moon"

"Mini bubbles II"

"Mermaid hand"




"Mini bubbles"



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