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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Lucas Kenzo Hamazaki. I’m an illustrator and designer. In my work, I’m all about feelings shown through colors, textures and movement. I love to see how people react when they see something that I create.

Current city: São Paulo

How did you make these? My creative work is very basic. Normally I make some sketches on paper with pencil or a ball pen. As soon I have a good composition I migrate for the computer where I use Photoshop to finish them.

Why did you make these? Some of them are a reflection what I’m feeling, and because of that, my reasons are very broad. It could be just a little anxiety and I create to express that, or it could be something a bit bigger like a political issue.

What do people typically say about your work? Normally they said they like the colors and texture.

Client List: Natura, Aragana, Dysfunctional, Duffel

Social: @kz.hz




"Looking Further"

"Just plants, the beauty is just beauty. The Cactus"


"Lonely Blossom"

"Just plants, the beauty is just beauty. The Flower"

"Just plants, the beauty is just beauty. The Begonia"

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