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Who are you and what do you do? I’m Madeline, an Illustrator and designer in the Pacific Northwest. I spend most of my spare time making art, but when I’m not holding a pencil, I’m usually out exploring the outdoors with my pup or getting lost in a plant shop!

Current city: Portland, OR

How did you make these? I sometimes work in Photoshop, but recently transitioned to Procreate on the iPad Pro! I love that I have the flexibility to start sketching on traditional paper, snap a photo with my iPad and continue working on it digitally. I always start my process by gathering inspiration, whether it’s from my own surroundings or by curating imagery from Pinterest and Instagram to hone in on the mood and feeling I want to convey. Then I establish my color palette and the rest all happens intuitively!

Why did you make these? I’m a dreamer at heart, and when I sense a longing for a specific place or feeling, I’m always compelled to try and put it on paper. I love bringing together different things I love – places I’ve travelled, fashion and nature, mostly – into one composition that encapsulates the daydream I just had or the wanderlust I’m feeling at the time. Illustrating those feelings makes them tangible, giving me a window to look through into my own subconscious.

What do people typically say about your work? My work is somewhat minimalist, so a lot of people identify with the way a piece cuts straight to the subject matter, either in idealized scenes or in relatable humor. Many comment on the soothing color palettes and identify with the sense of wanderlust or the daydreams I convey, because we all have dreams and longings that pull at our heartstrings!

Social: @madelinekate_illustrates

"snake plant lady"

"door in the desert"

"she blooms"

"plant shopping"

"jungle soul"

"she flies when she dreams"


"little visitor"

"dreamscape ii"

"keeper of stars"

snake plant lady Poster

by Madeline Martinez


serpent Throw Pillow

by Madeline Martinez


door in the desert Acrylic Tray

by Madeline Martinez


keeper of stars Framed Art Print

by Madeline Martinez


Jessica McQueen