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Who are you and what do you do? I’m Silvia Tack, an illustrator and designer from Spain.

I’ve studied Fine Arts in Valencia and Bratislava but finally I moved to Madrid where I’m currently working as a freelancer.

Current city: Madrid, Spain

How did you make these? I use digital media to make my illustrations, mostly Photoshop. I love imperfections, so basically I use digital media in almost one layer, trying not to lose the “mistakes” of the creation process. Of course, I also enjoy sketching with pencils, markers or pastels; there’s no day that I don’t draw in my sketchbook.

Why did you make these? I need to draw all that inspires me in some way. Usually I find it in food, still lifes, a table after dinner, people on the subway or nature.

What do people typically say about your work? People say my work is expressive, strong, powerful or energetic. I agree. 🙂

Clients: Small businesses, independent writers, online publications or personal commissions

Social: @silvia_tack


"Gato malo y sandía con pepitas"


"Gluten, tomate, queso (2/3)"

"Gluten, tomate, queso (3/3)"

"La magia"



"Wine o'clock"

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