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Who are you and what do you do? I am Zainab and I work as a graphic designer, but have had a strong passion for illustration since a young age. I make illustrations in my free time as, for me, art is a vehicle for meditation and self-connection.

Current city: Birmingham, United Kingdom

How did you make these?  I make digital illustrations on Procreate and then use Photoshop to refine them. I love playing with colors and textures. I am obsessed with the color pink and coral which I end up using them everywhere in my art.

Why did you make these? I draw what I love and what I am inspired by. Normally I enjoy drawing flowers, plants, shoes, girls and interiors. I experiment with loads of different styles but keep the consistency in my illustrative style. As a graphic designer, I have learnt to experiment with what works in terms of placement and color choices, so these choices really help me with my drawings. I draw to visualize my thoughts and opinion as it allows for true self-expression.

What do people typically say about your work? Usually they enjoy my color palette as it works together, and they find my illustrative style is cute and fun.

Social: @zainabmughalarts

"The Flower Lady"

"Flower Boots"

"Love and Daisies"

"Girl and Her Flower"

"My Wanderlust"

"Dreamer and Sunflowers"

"The Messy Artist"


"Girl Power"

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