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Who are you and what do you do? Aley here: illustrator, traveler, feminist, scallywag. My art is a mix of raw power and joy and it’s about self-expression, wonder and connection.

Current city: Ubud, Bali, and onwards. I’ve been a nomad since 2016.

Clients: IDEO, Good Eggs, Harlen Collection, Photomatica PhotoBooth Co.

How did you make these? I usually start with a pencil sketch (often coming to me as a flash in the night) which I bring into Procreate and redraw with an Apple Pencil. I work quickly and loosely so I don’t lose the energy of the original sketch, then slow down to refine the details. I experiment a lot with color and love how working digitally allows so much flexibility. I also like to turn my work upside down, squint at it and sometimes let it rest for days so I can see it with fresh eyes.

Why did you make these? I’m a child of my native San Francisco, where tolerance reigns and people let their freak flags fly. I’m drawn to the unconventional; colors that don’t “go together,” figures in “awkward” positions, blue bushes and orange sky. I aim to create honest work that encourages viewers to cast off expectations and live their own truths, the weirder and more diverse the better.

What do people typically say about your work? That it gives them joy.

Social: @aley.hanson

"No Fear"

"Feelin Good"

"Relevant Symbols"

"Love Yourself"

"You Make Everything Better"

"Smiling Island"

"Rainbow Mountain"

"Hey Moon It's Just You and Me Tonight"

"Sweet Sorrow"

"Didn't See You There"


"Ponder Wonder"

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