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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Emilie, I see myself as quite the sentimental softie.  Other than creating art I enjoy reading science fiction and coming of age stories, going to shows and teaching people how to play Egyptian Rat Screw. For a living I work at my local co-op and volunteer at a non-profit thrift store in my free time.

Current city: Chicago, IL

How did you make these? For collages my materials consist of pounds of colored paper, illustrations cut from books & magazines, kid’s scissors (honestly, I find the smaller ones make it easier to cut finely) and some plain old glue sticks. I’ll spend hours rearranging the tiniest bits of paper that, to me, make a world of difference. Once I feel something is finished I glue it down and scan it in- with zero editing (if you don’t count cropping)! Everything I do is by hand, I’m way too much of a luddite to work with digital media.

Why did you make these? For a while I couldn’t call myself an artist, and showed almost no one the things I made. I felt ill when imagining someone viewing and judging the most vulnerable parts of myself- each collage is the product of me venting and coming to terms with an obstacle in my life, all pieces illustrate a different stage in coping with anxiety and depression. As I grow into my person, getting better at standing in my truth the idea of sharing has ceased to be formidable. It is now thrilling to pour myself into a stranger whenever they comment on my work. The real goal is to be a part of a network of creators and consumers discussing mental health, sharing healthy coping skills and connecting to one another on a deeper and authentic level.

What do people typically say about your work? Most of the time I get praise for composition but specifically “playful but demented” is the best description I have ever received.

Social: @dock___dams

"Know Your Pain"




"The Big Crush"

"Infer From the Reel"

"Taming of the You"

"Of Sound Mind"

"Good Vibes Only"


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