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Could you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Evgenia Chuvardina and I’m an illustrator and graphic designer from Russia, where I have finished the Academy of Architecture and Arts. I have a degree in graphic design which is the profession that I have worked in for many years. I have lived in several cities in Russia, with my favorite being Saint Petersburg. After living there I also moved to Kiev (Ukraine) for a short while.

Current city:

Now I live in Dusseldorf, Germany. But I might move again, who knows?

What’s your process?

First comes an idea, which can come from anywhere. When the idea is formed, I hand draw it on any piece of paper I find. If I did not draw it, the idea could be gone forever. The next step is to draw the sketch in the digital form. Even though Adobe Illustrator would be a more suitable choice for this kind of work I prefer to use Adobe Photoshop because it feels more like a hand drawing, which I really love. Next step is to choose right colors and textures. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to find them and of course, the right color is the main point in my illustration. At the end I add small details. Then the drawing is finished!

Why did you make these?

On the one hand my artwork explores a critical view on society and popular culture through humor or the absurd. I want to deliver a message through pop art and colors. On the other hand I could simply draw something colorful or feminine because I like how it looks on products; very pop, very yummy. A drawing does not have to be just an illustration on a wall, it can have a different life depending on how it is applied to objects.

What do people typically say about your work?

Ooh so colourful!

How can people reach you?

Rose ice cream Art Print by Evgenia Chuvardina

Knitting a brain Art Print by Evgenia Chuvardina

Sweet donuts Art Print by Evgenia Chuvardina

Stuff Art Print by Evgenia Chuvardina

Cat's delight Art Print by Evgenia Chuvardina

Ice Cream Time Art Print by Evgenia Chuvardina

Nathan Spoor

Head of Curation // Society6