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Who are you and what do you do? I’m Lucas Saenger, or LSNR, artist, born in France and based in Québec, Canada since 2013.

Current city: Montréal

Clients: City of Montréal, Lndmrk, Inner Ocean Records, Mural Festival, STM, Eidos Montréal, Lululemon, Le Cartel Clothing, Eco Cup.

How did you make these? I usually start with an idea in my mind. In this series, I didn’t make any paper sketches. I work on the sketch with lines in Adobe Illustrator directly, then I usually work on the colors in Photoshop. It was more an instinctive process than something I really thought about. Usually, the theme and the title come after!

Why did you make these? I was constantly creating unrelated new works, and I created these designs when I started to think about making series. I always read comics, and the series Forgotten Places in particular, is influenced by landscapes and artists like Moebius. For the series Simple Landscapes, I created some places using a simple, semi-abstract style, illustrating peaceful landscapes. I make art for a living, and i think it’s really important to continue to make personal projects to keep thing moving!

What do people typically say about your work? People usually like the peacefulness and the simples lines of my digital drawings. I rarely include characters or human presence, except for some cabins and small houses in the landscapes.

Social: @lsnrone

"The Rift"

"The Old Guardian"

"La cabane du trappeur"


"The Tanker"



"The Monolith"

"Mt. Khar"

"La Ville"

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