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Would you mind introducing yourself and your work?
Hello! I am Sophie and I am a creative. At the moment, I am in the process of finishing my formal studies in Design at The Melbourne School of Design. I am a thinker and a maker. I am passionate about drawing, film and photography, in particular. As a student, I freelance as a graphic designer and work on a variety of illustration projects.

Where do you currently live and work from?

you had me Art Print by Sophie Schultz

Crimson Cowgirl Art Print by Sophie Schultz

What’s your process?

My drawings are created using a mix of digital and analog processes. I prefer analog drawing, because handmade works have such a lovely feel. This being said, I owe a lot of appreciation to Procreate… (thanks Apple!) as I travel frequently and love having a plethora of tools at my fingertips in one place. When drawing, I reference what is around me whether it be music lyrics or people on the street. A lot of what I am currently feeling (at the time of production) also seems to manifest itself thematically into my work.

As a creative, I don’t have a fixed or formal making process. A lot of my creations are happenstance. They could be a sketch that I draw on the train that is later refined or a response to a song I adore. Music is a massive influence for me. I feel like my illustrations are very emotively/lyrically fueled. Generally speaking, my process is simply just being sensitive to my surroundings/a general reactiveness to things I feel are beautiful or interesting around me.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
People, emotions (good and bad) and music – the human experience!

What do people typically say about your work?
In a stylistic sense, they say that my continuous line drawings are very expressive and romantic! In regards to the conceptual illustrations that I have created, particularly my I still don’t know what I am doing series, a lot of people think they are fun, honest and a little bit (I hope) witty…

She was wearing white boots (teal) Art Print by Sophie Schultz

make-out? (B & W) Art Print by Sophie Schultz

What is the best advice you’ve gotten or the most important thing you’ve learned as an artist?

I think the best advice I have received (not personally), but I took the advice anyway, is from Taika Waititi’s film JoJo Rabbit where he quotes Rainer Maria Rilke.

The quote is:

Let everything happen to you:
beauty and terror.
Just keep going.
No feeling is final.”

Working as a creative, I think this quote is incredibly relevant. It reminds me to remain open to all experiences, good and bad, stumble, get up and keep creating. It’s so easy to over-criticize yourself and compare your success to those who are in the same field. I have learned to let go of factors I can’t control… for example, some people just won’t like, or even take interest in, your work. That’s a plain fact. That’s also life, no matter what you do or who you are. Are you going to let that stop you from doing what you adore/are passionate about? Absolutely not.

Unqualified Advice 11: Put yourself OUT there Art Print by Sophie Schultz

Unqualified Advice 17: Life, may every day feel like the first Art Print by Sophie Schultz

How can people reach you?
@studioschultz on Instagram

Nathan Spoor

Head of Curation // Society6