Selecting a duvet cover might seem like one of the easier choices when it comes to interior design, but in reality, it might just be the singular most important decorative decision for a bedroom.

Not only does it set the tone of your space, but distinguishes you at the laundromat and is bound to be the primary thing an overnight guest notices when entering your room for the first time. You want something that matches your aesthetic — and your eyes — when you wake up in the morning, but the plethora of options can be overwhelming. So, to make the shopping process a little easier, we narrowed down ten of our Society6 favorites for ultimate feng shui.

1. Opt For an Intergalactic Experience

For any 1950s fans, this retro-inspired collage cover is a colorful lesson in self-care. Its millennial pink base will allow you freedom with surrounding furniture and the overall design has just the right amount of a Hollywood vibe to suggest you’re putting that film studies degree to good use.

2. Share Your Interests

If awe-ing company with hip hop knowledge is your jam, we have the perfect cover — and conversation starter. This boombox design will share your preferences with ease and subtlety and might even spark healthy debate as to the genre’s G.O.A.T. Luckily, the cover’s monochromatic will still soothe you to sleep when the time comes.

3. Keep It Simple, But Don’t Settle

You’re a minimalist — we get it — but that doesn’t mean you need to stoop to a white waffle or grey linen cover. Spice things up with this 70s-esque geometric design. It will give you just enough oomph for your room to pop while simultaneously not making too much noise.

4. Let Flow

There’s nothing quite like watercolors to put your mind at rest, which is why this cover will allow you to shift your rhythm from work to wind-down mode. We recommend maintaining a similar pastel palette for the rest of your room, then just sit back and relax.

5. Discover Sexy-Chic

Haphazard sketches of your female friends tacked all over your room? A lover of French cinema? We have the cover for you. The simple white background decorated with a tasteful nude drawing in black is ideal for any art-lover.

6. Embrace Modernity

For those looking for an update to some of the art world classics, this contemporary take on Monet’s Water Lilies (featuring growling tigers, no less) will please any crowd. Not to mention it’s vibrant enough that any spillages from breakfast, lunch or dinners in bed are no biggie.

7. Revel in Nature Themes

Can’t keep a cactus alive? Try “Terrarium,” the dreamiest solution for those looking to inject their space with greenery, without all of that upkeep. The cover has a particularly calming tone and allows you the freedom to use a range of colors for the rest of your room.

8. Use Marble to Set the Mood

Marble is still one of the trendiest materials of the moment, which means this cover will instantly communicate your affinity for fashion. The gold-leaf streaks adds ornate elegance to the design and will give your space the sophistication it deserves.

9. Don’t Be Afraid to Sweeten Things Up

Cherries, lemons, oranges — fruit-inspired accessories and attire are must-haves as of late, so if you’re looking for interior decor that echoes your extroverted personality, this sliced-orange design is a game changer.

10. Bring the Beach to You

While photography-printed fabric isn’t always the obvious choice to brighten up your bed, this sunset ocean scene will convince you it’s the only way to go. You’ll almost be able to hear the rolling waves as you drift off to sleep, and any late-night lovers will be instantly put at ease.

Written by Beatrice Hazlehurst

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