Wow, ok if you were at Girls Art Now! last Saturday at Space 15 Twenty with us, you like, GET IT. It was magical. And now we’re back in the office, feeling inspired, renewed and grateful for the artist community we get to support everyday.

The whole day felt so surreal, it was incredible to watch so many people pile in and squish just to get a good view of the panels. We were totally floored by all of the wise, funny, badass women who spoke and we truly could not have done this without them. ICYMI, our Girls Art Now! summit was an experiment in community: we wanted to unpack weighty issues about being a woman and an artist in 2018 and what we found was that so many women wanted to do the same. Thank you to everyone who came out, supported, bought an art print, spoke, performed, poured coffee, lifted a heavy box, none of it would have been possible without you.

So thank you, to the 50 Society6 artists who were featured in our art show (did we mention that every. last. piece. sold?) and thanks to our panelists: Whitney Bell, Sonja Rasula, Katie Bode, Penelope Gazin, Zarna Surti, Kristen Liu Wong, Angella d’Avignon, Anna Bulbrook, Kenesha Sneed, Hallie Applebaum, Wynter Mitchell, Ashley Jones, Laura Fama, Sara Mote, Tera Uhlinger, Kristen Stegemoeller, Marawa Wamp, Kate Berlant, Aparna Nancherla, and the coolest band of all time, MUNA! And thank you to Robin Eisenberg for the epic wall mural and to our friends at LiveFAST Magazine for their support.

Shout out to Nada Alic and Stephanie Dixon for running the show like the two lady-bosses that they are and huge thanks to our designers Anthony Troester and Avalon Murray for coming up with all of the next-level designs that were featuring on posters, notebooks, tote bags and walls. Thanks to Jessica McQueen, Mia Mendez, Ben Renschen, Vlad Kroshinsky and Nathan Spoor for all of their support!

And a very special thanks to our partners, Sexy Beast for collaborating with us on this event and for being amazing ambassadors for women, artists and women’s health. Also, thanks to our friends at Urban Outfitters’ Space 15 Twenty for providing us with the beautiful space and help throughout the day.

We are so grateful to be surrounded by a community of strong, creative, hustlin’ women here in LA. Girls Art Now! is just the beginning. Now, pass the tissues because it’s time to relive the lit-ral BEST DAY OF OUR LIVES!