“If you own one of my works or are planning to own one, you are possessing a piece of my soul. So, hold on to it, wait ’til I die, then sell it on eBay.” -Camelia Pham

Camelia Pham is a digital illustrator currently based in Wrocław, Poland. Her work, on a conceptual level, twists the human figure with surreal elements to bring out universally understood emotions, thoughts and themes.

S6/Ben: Can you describe the creative process you recorded?

CP: First I go online, like billions of people do to get away from their life and themselves. The creative process starts when I see or read something intriguing. Then I’d sketch a version of it into Photoshop because I don’t like having too many unfinished works in my notebook. Next, I put in the colors. I lower the opacity of the outline layer to 32% and fill to 30%, then slowly perfect in the color layer.

S6: What is the backstory for this piece of artwork–or what makes it unique?

CP: As an actively lost 20-something art student, I usually fetishize my own problems. So every tiny thing that rolls out of my plan’s orbit can ignite my creative angst and self-doubt. I had this ridiculous project at the time I was making this piece–a project that ensured failure. But I still wanted to jump into this timelapse. A good friend helped me see the glass half full. It’s hard to really be optimistic like him when I have so much expectation and the only thing promised to come is disappointment.

S6: What’s something you’ve learned about yourself in creating art?

CP: That I’m a pseudo-intellectual, who is romantically desperate, but lucky enough to have my pen and paper and all the likes in social media to get me through the day.

S6: What’s music or playlists are you listening to while you create?

CP: Mostly anything Youtube or Spotify recommends. I’m a modern sheep. I flow with the ads. Google stalked me long enough to know my taste.

S6: Okay, so now you get to brag a little bit. What are you most proud of accomplishing as an artist? Big or small.

CP: Finally, a place to be legitimately pompous. Frankly, I’m really touched when strangers message me, telling me that my art is relatable and they really enjoy and understand it completely.

And the thought that people actually bought my artwork, that’s unbelievably amazing, and also a questionable act at the same time. There was a period that I believed my dad bought it all to make me feel good about myself.

S6: Any parting words for your fans or fellow artists?

CP: Whoever you are, if you own one of my works or are planning to own one, you are possessing a piece of my soul. So, hold on to it, wait ’til I die, then sell it on eBay.

And dear fellow artists, keep up the good work of making me jealous. Thanks for sharing your works.

Check out more of Camelia Pham’s artwork: WebsiteBehance, FacebookInstagram

Ben Renschen



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