We’re not gonna lie—it’s a pretty cool job to look at art all day.

We at s6 are constantly blown away by the intricate, unique, hilarious and mind-blowing pieces of artwork the S6 community uploads, so we decided to put together a round-up of some of our favorites of 2017. Check out which artists we loved discovering this year and which products gave us the opposite of buyer’s remorse:

Morgan Schutte

Marketing and Site Merchandising Manager

Fave Artist: Rebecca Flattley

“Her work captures so many emotions I feel on a daily basis. She’s so talented!”

Fave Product: LA City Art iPhone Case

“Love the colors and retro vibe. ALSO great protection for my phone. “

Life's A B*tch

Los Angeles City Art

Jessica Parker

Senior Designer

Fave Artist: Dylan M

“I cannot get enough of her color choices. Her florals feel deftly and simply layered, vintage and modern at the same time. ”

Fave Product: Arthropod Mustard Backpack

“This artist’s work is super fun and probably geared toward kids, but this color combo felt pretty sophisticated. Also I love s6 backpacks. “

Dusky Floral

Anthropod Mustard

Alexis Martin

Acquisition Marketing Manager

Fave Artist: Helo Birdie

“She describes her signature style as “Where you would want to be right now” which I think is so true. Beaches, swimming pools… all of her pieces have a whimsical vacation-vibe to them.”

Fave Product: Poolside Framed Print

“This piece was featured in a Society6 Art Quarterly this year. I purchased a bamboo print version (which were specially made for the LA launch party). Looks great in my apartment! “

French Paradise


Vladimir Kroshinsky

Social Media Manager

Fave Artist: 27mm

“There’s something magical and very calming with 27mm’s underwater photography. I could spend hours staring at some of these pieces.  ”

Fave Product: Tropical Duffle Bag

“This tropical cosmic leaf pattern looks incredible on a Duffle Bag. Feels like I’m packing for a vacation, even if I’m just going to the gym, which is exactly the vibe I was looking for. “


Tropical Pattern

Lauren Hallett

Marketing and Site Merchandising Specialist 

Fave Artist: Matthew Korbel-Bowers

“Being new to the S6 team, everything is new and fresh, but Matthew Korbel-Bowers definitely stood out to me. I love his designs and minimalist prints—the simplicity of his art makes for a classic look in any room.”

Fave Product: The Swim Framed Print

“I thought this piece was very cheeky (pun intended). Loved the style and fun nature of it and it looks wonderful as a framed print.”

New Coast Morning

The Swim

Anthony Troester


Fave Artist: UzualSunday

“Bright colors and tropical vibes. I love everything about UzualSundays work.”

Fave Product: California Hot Sauce Print

“I love Landon Sheely’s vintage inspired art. As soon as I saw this piece I was sold. I love the colors and play on Tapatio’s hot sauce bottle design. This guy now sits proudly above my stairs.”

Aloha Tiger

California Hot Sauce Print

Stephanie Dixon


Fave Artist: Patricia Thomasson

“I love Patricia’s bold, but washed-out Warhol-esque still lifes. Her work feels fresh, but familiar, which is always a winning combination.”

Fave Product: Everyone Is Invited Clear iPhone Case

“Lorien Stern’s little creatures remind me of the Mrs. Grossman’s stickers I used to play with as a kid! Plus, everyone smiles when they see it and what’s better than that?”

Wong's Wok

Everyone Is Invited

Andy Fisher

Director Of Product

Fave Artist: SoCal Chic Photography

“I love living in Southern California and these photos capture the beauty of my neighborhood.”

Fave Product: Santa Monica Pier Laptop Sleeve

“The Santa Monica pier is an iconic symbol of the west side of LA and I love having this case for my computer.”

Pink Building Downtown Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier

Daniel Kan

Retention Marketing Specialist

Fave Artist: Jack Teagle

“I love his character designs, clean lines and vibrant colors.”

Fave Product: Ghost World Art Print

“This piece looks amazing on my bedroom wall and I especially love the amount of detail that went into this. I notice something new every time I look at it.”

The Second Cycle

Ghost World

Abe Chong

Senior Copywriter

Fave Artist: Mr. Werewolf

“I’m a sci-fi, fantasy and video game geek. Though Jakub’s been on the site awhile I just discovered his concept art—it’s otherworldy, awe-inspiring and totally makes me want to write screenplays based on the worlds he’s creating. ”

Fave Product: Eyes Throw Pillow

“I picked this design for our new house because my girlfriend loves those “Eye” prints and this seemed like a cute take. She ACTUALLY liked it, which is amazing because she always questions my design choices. “



Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content