The season of gifting is upon us and our head of merchandising, Meghan, lays out the wrapping paper trends she’s seeing out in the world.

Faux Fluidity

This trend centers around free-flowing designs like watercolors, minimalistic current lines and marbled textures. The patterns look great when wrapped on a box as it flows around the edges and gives the whole package a seamless look.

Abstract Marble - Black & Cream Wrapping Paper

by SilverPegasus

Blush, Payne's Gray and Gold Metallic Abstract Wrapping Paper


Metallic Wood Grain Wrapping Paper

by moderntropical

Lonely Life Wrapping Paper

by DuckyB

Bold Graphics

Following the mid-century modern interior decor trend, bold graphics have officially come to wrapping paper as well. Consider using similar designs but with varying color options as people pair the paper with the gift wrapped inside.

Maximalist Geometric 05 Wrapping Paper

by The Old Art Studio

Deep Wrapping Paper


abstract minimal 30 Wrapping Paper

by ThingDesign

3535 Wrapping Paper

by Marcelo Romero

Seasonal Blooms

Flowering patterns know no season as you can vary the color palette and type of flora to match whatever the occasion. It speaks to both the boho types as well as the naturalists in your life.

Antique Floral Pattern Wrapping Paper

by Jessica Roux

Blooming Wrapping Paper

by Alja Horvat


by Burcu Korkmazyurek

OLIVE BLOOM Wrapping Paper

by holli zollinger

Tiles & Repeating Patterns

A tried and true wrapping paper trend is a colorful repeating pattern. When designing for wrapping paper, it’s important to think about how it looks on a gift when those gifts may not be a standard size. With a simple repeating pattern or tile motif, you can guarantee the same look for every gift.

Gisela Geometric Line Pattern - Vintage Rainbow Wrapping Paper

by colour poems

Stained Glass 3 Wrapping Paper

by Elisabeth Fredriksson

Orange Blossom Wrapping Paper

by Shealeen Louise

Moroccan Tile - poppy Wrapping Paper

by Gale Switzer

Ali Peugh

Director, Artist Community