The Society Six features a selection of new works that caught our eye from artists who recently joined the Society6 community. Come in, explore and find your new favorites.

1. Aaron Sinclair Film

Regina, Saskatchewan | Society6 Shop



2. Jason Herr

Lancaster, PA | Society6 Shop

Frog Activity Center.

Never Ending Slideshow.

3. Karim Boukarim

Lebanon | Society6 Shop


A Coastal Milky Way by the Seaside Road

4. Irene Ghillani illustration

Milan, Italy | Society6 Shop

Little girl on mushroom

Taste of marrakesh

5. gunitasil

Catalonia, Spain | Society6 Shop


Self Aware

6. Valentina Zummo

Rome, Italy | Society6 Shop

Laundry today or naked tomorrow - washmachine

Happy Sssnake !

Misty Summers

Artist Community & Curation Manager