The Society Six features a selection of new works that caught our eye from artists who recently joined the Society6 community. Come in, explore and find your new favorites.

1. Emilina Filippo

Pennsylvania + New York | Society6 Shop

In Your Car I’m Your Star by Emilina Filippo

Malibu Daisy by Emilina Filippo

2. Christine Berrie

Castle Douglas, Scotland | Society6 Shop

Yellow Summer Floral by Christine Berrie

Vintage Glass by Christine Berrie

3. Sommerseth Art

Germany | Society6 Shop

Wilderness Camp by Sommerseth Art

Desert Road by Sommerseth Art

4. Marcos Cousseau

Argentina | Society6 Shop

Wiring by Marcos Cousseau

Moonlight by Marcos Cousseau

5. Hannah Packer

Brooklyn, NY | Society6 Shop

I Need a Snack by Hannah Packer

Soda Girl by Hannah Packer

6. Marco Tirado

Philadelphia, PA | Society6 Shop

Hairclips Portrait by Marco Tirado

Snake Boots by Marco Tirado

Misty Summers

Artist Community & Curation Manager