We know how stressful gift shopping can be and we’ve been there: frantically navigating a crowded shopping mall, hunting for things you think your friends and family won’t want to return. When did gift giving become such a source of unnecessary drama? We’re all about making your shopping season a whole lot easier by limiting your list to one thing all your loved ones can put to good use: a luxurious throw blanket.

Think about it: a soft cozy blanket is something we don’t always think to buy for ourselves and yet it comes in handy in so many situations, from swaddling a little one to providing the backdrop and seating for a dreamy picnic spread. That said, it’s a suitable gift for any age.

Let’s say you’re shopping for your toddler nephew: find his favorite motif (dinosaurs are always a safe bet) and he’ll likely want to take it everywhere from nap time to sprawling out on the floor with his favorite toys. Or if you’re in need of a gift for anyone who recently moved into a new abode, you can think of a throw as a way to dress up one of their rooms. Take into consideration their design tastes: do they love bright colors? Mod patterns? Or perhaps they’re more minimal in their style. Whatever the case, a well-placed throw will be a welcome addition to the space to jazz up an otherwise blah piece of furniture or to snuggle up with on the couch.

If you can think of a few folks on your shopping list who could benefit from a cool throw blanket, you can start by checking out this collection we created with designs for everyone from the nap-lover in your life to nerdy little brother and beyond.

Shop Throw Blankets

Dino Doodles Throw Blanket

by Julien Missaire


Beeniks Rays Throw Blanket

by Fimbis


Nap Queen Throw Blanket

by Text Guy


Barricade Throw Blanket

by Tracie Andrews


Molecular Pattern Throw Blanket

by PrintPix


Dive//Survive Throw Blanket

by Miranda Lorikeet


I Need Some Space Throw Blanket

by Alessandro Aru


Overdose Throw Blanket

by Bianca Green