One of the lesser-known rules of physics is when one goes shopping for gifts, one only finds things for themselves.

I’m gonna give you a free pass to go ahead and embrace that this year, considering 2017kiiiinda ran us all through the ringer and everyone needs a little extra somethin’. SO, here’s a list of some of our current faves that will help you channel you inner Tom Haverford and treat yo-self ’til 2017 is finally over.


Abraham Lincoln once said that a mug is an extension of who you truly are—ok, actually that was my friend Jon, but he’s also 6′ 3″ and wears a lot of hats SO IT’S FINE. But really, mugs are a great and silent way to send everyone if your office or apartment a passive (and attractive!) message about yourself. Choose wisely and you’ll be sipping a statement in no time.

Life's A B*tch Coffee Mug

by Rebecca Flattley


Rhinestone Reverie Coffe Mug

by Natalie Baca


I'm Too Old Coffee Mug

by CynthiaF


Honest Blob Coffee Mug

by Sophie Corrigan



IMO, carry-all pouches are our best kept secret. You don’t think you need that many pouches until you get a set and realize that you might be secretly on Hoarders will of of the sh*t that needs to be wrangled. Once you open yourself up to the Carry-All Pouch Life™ you can’t go back, you can only go forward—so far forward that you then just become a hoarder for pouches. YOLO, u know?

Cat And Floral Carry-All Pouch

by Burcu Korkmazyurek


May Your Coffee Carry-All Pouch

by Overdose Illustrated


Coffee Reading Carry-All Pouch

by Sagepizza


Paisley Mermaid Carry-All Pouch

by Barbra Ignatiev



Set your *mood* for 2018 by making a big decor statement. As bold or subtle as you want them to be, tapestries are truly the easiest way to transform a room to your liking. They’re also great for transporting you to far-off places like, you know, places that don’t have a reality TV show star as their um, president or whatever.

Chillin' Wall Tapestry

by 83 Oranges


Magical Little Shelf Wall Tapestry

by Lord Of Masks


UGH Wall Tapestry

by Nicole C.


Sea Bliss Wall Tapestry

by Ingrid Beddoes



Maybe, hopefully you’re receiving a new phone this holiday season—in which case, this gift-to-self is a no-brainer. ALSO, phone cases are one of those things that are such a part of your daily experience and we so often neglect. Raise your hand if you always buy whatever case is chillin’ on the rack at AT&T when you upgrade. OK, I see your hands and into those hands I place the possibility of a case that you’ll ACTUALLY enjoy.

Quartz iPhone Case

by TheQuarry


Summah! iPhone Case

by Isabelle Feliu


Mantone iPhone Case

by Mantone


Dusty Blue iPhone Case

by Helo Birdie



Art is one of those things that can be really tricky to get other people—it’s just SO personal and often so permanent. Well, GOOD THING no one knows you better than yourself! Look through our thousands of artists to find someone who you want to support and get yourself a gorgeous canvas print that will a. last forever b. accrue hella compliments and c. make you seem fancy AF.

Underwear Dancing Canvas Print

by Leah Reena Goren


Maya Angelou Canvas Print

by Tessa Browne


At Home Canvas Print

by Mali Fischer


Eichler With Vespa Canvas Print

by Danny Heller


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Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content