The new year is practically here so say hello to a few selected trends to help you build out your 2020 strategy with confidence. A few highlights include themes like positivity, comfort, minimalist shapes and just some overall good vibes.

New Year New You

Starting off the new year right is key to future success. Here are a few notes of positivity to inspire you.

Queen of Hearts Art Print

by Roland Lefox

Ti amo Art Print

by Laura Juliana

LOVE YOURSELF Floral Quote Art Print

by BARBARIAN // Barbra Ignatiev

Good Vibes Art Print

by Berlin Michelle

Isolated Shapes

Balancing objects and color can help highlight areas of your room without being too “on-the-nose.” Minimalism offers a great approach, allowing for spots of personality through floating shapes and colors.

FIRE Art Print

by sandrapoliakov

Landscapes Art Print

by bailzy

Seagrass Art Print

by Gale Switzer

terracota Art Print

by Marcelo Romero

Atmospheric Hues: Peach, Sand, Neutrals

An easy way to bring positive vibes into a room is by adding atmospheric, inviting hues. For 2020, these hues include an array of peach, sand and neutrals. Each will bring a graceful aesthetic to your home.

SoftB Art Print

by Georgiana Paraschiv

Wrapped Art Print

by Hayley Valeri

Plant 9 Art Print

by ThingDesign

Calm and centered Art Print

by Asja Boros

Self Care

These picks are sure to help you become the best version of yourself. In addition to the wave of self care and positivity messaging in your designs, we’re seeing artists talking more about treating themselves with love, too. And, in our opinion, that’s a message that should never go out of style.

what is self care Art Print

by steph_angeles

Rest Art Print

by Ambivalently Yours


by Chris Bigalke

Work Hard, Self Care Hard Art Print

by Aley Hanson



Life is about balance—so in response to the minimalist trend of late—we’re also seeing a push towards the dramatic and bold. The maximalist trend bursts with warmth, so while the days are long and cold, it’s a chance to still daydream about summer.

CoM Poster: Beer Art Print

by alonglastname

sun and moon by Artist ozo Art Print

by Ozoart

Me, An Intellectual Art Print

by Amber Vittoria

Colorful Sun and Seascape Art Print

by Tony Magner Design

Flashes of Color

Lens flares and unusual lighting allude to exciting moment of life that gets captured by a camera. It’s a visual reminder that photography is simply capturing a moment in time, a memory—and seeing those unexpected flashes only emphasizes this thought.

What Are You Running From Art Print

by Hayley Valeri

Flash of Color Art Print

by Jillian VanZytveld

Moody Mountain Double Exposure - 35mm Film Art Print

by Fleurdelilli

Red nights Art Print

by Marialena Ev

Ali Peugh

Director, Artist Community