Fall has arrived and our head of curation, Nathan, is here for it. He highlights what’s floated to the top of the latest fall trends.

Fall is strolling right into the picture with some notable shifts in the seasonal lighting and a crisp edge starting to sneak into the breeze. We’re embracing this move from sunny beach vibes into the cooler weather that brings us a bunch of holiday tingles and snuggle fests. Ok, and also the promise of shoppers turning their eye to a rich palette of autumn that’s going to transition quickly into winter.

Featured Art: HIDING BEHIND THE FLOWERS illustration by Carla Llanos

Trending: Spooky Season

October stands out as honestly the month that’s got the best haunted rep in the game. And we live for this one big time. Jump in the mix with your best scary, weird, creepy, fun original work and help us celebrate the liveliest dark spot on the calendar.

Spirit Board Art Print

by Camille Chew

Monster Manicures Art Print

by Valeriya Volkova

Cemetery Nights Art Print

by Corinne Alexandra

Rainbow Sorta Spooky Art Print

by Doodle by Meg

Trending: Fall Feels

Welcome in the colors of the fall. We’ve highlighted four trending colors that channel crisp days spent strolling among the changing trees with the smell of a freshly baked apple crisp in the air. Isn’t fall the best?

HIDING BEHIND THE FLOWERS illustration Art Print

by Carla Llanos

Hares and the Moon Art Print

by Mary Curtin

Minimal abstract landscape 01 Art Print

by ViviGonzalezArt

Texture Series: Abstract Shapes 03 Art Print

by Caza

Trending: Boho Patterns

That bohemian spirit calls out from within your soul. Customers hear it too. Capture the wandering boho spirit with patterns of all kinds from intricate moroccan-inspired mosaics to energizing mandalas and more. We recommend offering designs for shoppers to transform a bedroom or bathroom with designs that will really shine on everything from comforters to bath towels to shower curtains.

Obsession nature mosaics Art Print

by mmartabc

BALLIN' TRIBAL Boho Summer Geometric Art Print

by BARBARIAN // Barbra Ignatiev

Talavera Mexican Tile – Mint & Navy Palette Art Print

by Cat Coquillette

Beni Moroccan Print in Cream and Black Art Print

by Becky Bailey

One for the Road: Animal Prints

You’ve probably seen this beloved theme going strong and thought to yourself, “I could totally do that but better.” Well why not? Yeah, get in there and make something killer that would look great in someone’s space, or ON someone if they can get your work on a shirt or even a blanket to wrap up in. And what’s best is that no animals are even getting their feelings hurt in the process. Everybody wins!

Just Leopard Art Print

by Florent Bodart / Speakerine

Zébra pop Art Print

by Megan Galante

girls save the world Art Print

by anneamanda

Leopard print Art Print

by bridg Art

Ali Peugh

Director, Artist Community